PineTales, America's Best Buckwheat Pillows, Handmade in Phoenix, AZ. Designer Sobakawa Pillows to help with neck pain, back pain, insomnia and get you a better night's sleep.

Enjoy A Good Night’s Sleep With Our Premium Buckwheat Husk Pillow Selection.

PineTales offers only the best buckwheat pillow options for those who want to get quality sleep every night. Our different buckwheat hulls pillow offerings include premium sobakawa pillow options and basic hullo pillow options made with 100% US grown, organic, and gluten-free sobakawa buckwheat hulls. All our pillows are antibacterial, skin-friendly, and made with super soft fabric that absorbs sweat and promotes air circulation. Our Cotton Twill Models are made with 100% leak-proof cotton, making them durable and long lasting. Our Premium Models feature an inner and outer pillowcase combo with zipper, which allows for easy adjustments. To adjust the firmness or height of your PineTales buckwheat pillow, simply add or remove some of the filling. Create your ideal pillow and alleviate tossing and turning while also maintaining perfect spinal alignment while you sleep. These pillows are highly recommended for people who have problems with their posture, spine, or neck.


This may be a little more expensive than some of the other offerings, but the pillowcase is very soft and the pillow is perfectly sculpted. It’s not too soft or too hard, it’s just right. Since this is something you may use for years, spending a little more money on a higher quality product is totally justified in this case. Enjoy.

Peter Damashek

I have used buckwheat pillows for years and needed a new one. I take it along when I travel, this pillow is a lifesaver for a good night sleep at home or away. The quality and craftsmanship of the Pine Tales pillow is superb ! I highly recommend them.


Fantastic pillows! My neck pain has gotten significantly better. Worth the investment.

Adam L.

The buckwheat hull/memory foam pillow provides great support while also being comfortable. Haven’t had it for long yet, but it seems to be helping with my neck and shoulder soreness already.

Rose Meltzer

I can't say enough great things about my PineTales buckwheat pillow. I usually like "flat" firm pillows so that I can switch between stomach and side sleeping, and the buckwheat pillow works perfectly. The buckwheat is clean, dry, and well-sorted, and the case feels super strong and well-made. I have tried multiple pillowcases from this company, and the case-material significantly changes the "feel" of the pillow. My favorite is the bamboo case, which I own in the smaller, "Japanese" size. Happy to say I'm sleeping better now than I ever have!

Nadia Ahlborg