Improving your Sleep with Buckwheat Pillows

Your Sleeping position is related to your respiration, skin, and spinal alignment. To improve your quality of life, sleep properly, not just on time but in the right position.

How do you sleep better? Sleeping with the right pillow is one of the proven ways to have better sleep. And, buckwheat pillows are ergonomically adjustable to correct your sleeping position, no matter you body type.


Here are a few tips to use a buckwheat pillow for better sleep:


Buckwheat pillows are widely used and recommended because they can perfectly mold and fit to your bodies shape.


  • Adjusting the buckwheat hulls can give you a personalized pillow in no time. Remove or add hulls for a tighter or firmer pillow.


  • Your pillows should ideally support your head and neck. The position should be such that your shoulder is on the mattress and your head rests on the pillow with your spine forming a straight line


  • Use multiple pillows to support your entire body. One pillow each for your arms, legs, and knees can help your spine find support during sleep.


  • Some people have problems with the rustling sound of buckwheat hulls. Over time you will get used to it. We promise 😉


So how can Buckwheat pillows help your sleeping position?


Sleeping on your side:


  • Use an anchor pillow between your legs, as it keeps your spine straight while sleeping on your side.
  • The headrest pillow must have more hulls under the neck for a neutral position.
  • If the pressure of the hulls makes your neck feel uncomfortable, push the hulls away for your neck to rest perfectly.


Sleeping on your back:


  • Before you rest, make a horizontal furrow on the pillow to rest your head.
  • Alternatively, you can fluff the pillow to move your neck till it conforms to its size.
  • The point is to provide support for your neck while you sleep on your back.
  • Your head must not tilt forward or backward, so you can adjust the hulls for that desired position.


Buckwheat pillows for different sleep positions


Side Sleepers:


  • They prefer an extra firm pillow since the weight of your head reduces the firmness of your pillow.
  • You can adjust the firmness by adding more buckwheat till you find it comfortable to sleep on your side.
  • A loose pillow will otherwise cause the neck and head to bend down, leading to strains or back pain.


Back Sleeping Position:


  • Sleep experts recommend back sleeping since your body is neutrally placed while on your back.
  • A malleable pillow can prevent back sleepers from strains and lateral neck twists.
  • You can adjust your buckwheat pillow to give your head a neutral elevation.
  • A thicker pillow will otherwise strain your nerves and discs since the head will tilt upwards.


Stomach Sleeping Position:


  • We do not recommend our buckwheat pillows for stomach sleepers
  • Ultra Slim memory foam or latex pillows are best for this type of sleeping position


Buckwheat Pillows would be a nice start for a ergonomic, eco-friendly, and healthy sleep environment. Check out our website to choose from a wide range of perfectly adjustable buckwheat pillows.

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