Neck Pillows vs. Regular Pillows

Neck Pillows vs. Regular Pillows

If you wonder when to use a Neck Pillow and when to use a Regular Pillow, you're not alone. Many people are confused by the choices of pillows available these days and it all starts with the shape of the pillow.

For starters, we do not recommend neck pillows for sleeping unless you are a back sleeper and use very little filling(when it comes to Buckwheat or Millet Neck Pillows), or you have a very soft pillow. The reason for this is that due to the relatively small width of the pillow, it can only support and cradle your neck, but not the rest of your head which is crucial when you lay on a pillow for several hours.

Therefore Neck Pillows are primarily designed to be used as Support pillows while you lounge on your couch, travel in your car, read a book in your hammock, or travel in an airplane, etc. you know what we mean.

Regular rectangular shaped pillows are designed to for side and back sleepers due to their larger support area which ensures your head and neck are properly supported all night long.

Our Buckwheat and Millet Hulls Pillows are all fully adjustable, which guarantees that no matter what sleeping position you prefer, they will work for you.

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