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Is it a trend started by French royalty or proven treatment for sleep troubles? Either way, lavender aromatherapy pillows have helped countless people around the world enjoy a night of deep restful sleep. Aromatherapy has an exciting history that goes back centuries. The Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, and French have all practiced various forms of aromatherapy. Although the use of aromatherapy for spiritual, religious, and medicinal purposes has never gone away entirely, there has definitely been a resurgence of use over the past decade. Each year more Americans report trouble sleeping and look for an all-natural sleep aid. As a result,...

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Your Sleeping position is related to your respiration, skin, and spinal alignment. To improve your quality of life, sleep properly, not just on time but in the right position.   How do you sleep better? Sleeping with the right  pillow is one of the proven ways to have better sleep. And, buckwheat pillows are ergonomically adjustable to correct your sleeping position, no matter you body type.   Here are a few tips to use a buckwheat pillow for better sleep:   Buckwheat pillows are widely used and recommended because they can perfectly mold and fit to your bodies shape.  ...

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