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How to clean a Buckwheat Pillow?

Buckwheat Pillows last for up to 10 years if properly taken care of. Properly taken care means cleaning out the Buckwheat Hulls from time to time and airing out the Hulls. Can the Buckwheat Pillow be washed? No only the cover can be washed(inner and outer covers of our Pillows are washable). Do not wash the whole buckwheat pillow. It can and will destroy your washing machine as well as the pillow itself. Can you wash the Buckwheat Hulls? We do not recommend washing the hulls. Water exposure can break down and degenerate the structure of the Buckwheat Hulls. So how do you properly clean a Buckwheat Pillow? Step 1: Empty out the Cover. Best is to put the hulls...

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Buckwheat Hulls vs. Millet Hulls

  We get a lot of questions from our customers asking what exactly the difference is between buckwheat and millet hulls.     It can be broken down into quite a few differences: Millet Hulls are smaller compared to buckwheat hulls The Structure of Millet Hulls is also more round than the triangle shape of buckwheat hulls Millet Hull pillows are less noisy than buckwheat hull pillows due to it's smaller size and structure Millet Hulls are much lighter than buckwheat hulls. So if a buckwheat pillow is too heavy for you, you might wanna try a millet pillow Pillows filled with millet hulls feel smoother and also mold easier towards your head Due to the shape of the hulls...

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How to spot High Quality Buckwheat Hulls?

When it comes to Buckwheat Pillows, you have a lot of choices.  With Amazon, Ebay and other large online market platforms opening up the US Retail Market to pretty much Every Company in the world that can register an LLC in the US(which is not that hard honestly), the hunt for high quality and toxin free US Made sleep products has become harder than ever.  In This Article we'll show you how you can distinguish good from bad buckwheat hulls. There are 2 types of Buckwheat Hulls which are commonly used in Pillows. Roasted and Heat Treated/non heat treated Hulls. Roasted Hulls appear weak and fragile compared to Heat Treated/non treated versions and are used in lower priced pillows quite...

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Buckwheat vs. Buckwheat Hulls

When people think about Buckwheat Pillows, they often don't realize that a Buckwheat Pillow is not filled with Buckwheat itself, but rather just the hulls. This makes a significant difference as there are "Buckwheat Pillows" on the market which are actually used as heat pads. These type of pillows are usually filled with Buckwheat grains and not the hulls. BUCKWHEAT GRAINS:     Most Common Buckwheat Pillows for sleeping, are filled with the HULLS of the Buckwheat Grain. BUCKWHEAT HULLS: Same thing goes for Millet Pillows :)

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What is a Buckwheat Pillow

If you've stumbled across our website and wonder what it is we are actually trying to sell you here, then read on to find out everything you need to know about Buckwheat Pillows. First off, you're not alone in the universe when it comes to not knowing what Buckwheat Pillows are. As a matter of fact, majority of the people never heard of one unless they've been to Japan, have friends who have one or seriously struggle with some sort of pain and had their Healthcare Practitioner refer these type of pillows to them. Buckwheat Pillows are made of the hulls of the buckwheat grain. Buckwheat is an alternative to rice, wheat and other grains used to make bread and...

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Key Benefits of a Buckwheat Pillow

If you are indecisive about why to give a buckwheat pillow a try, here are some key benefits of our pillows over others:   Better Sleep (Buckwheat Pillows support proper posture and spinal alignment unlike any other pillow which results in less turning and tossing throughout the night and therefore less interruption of your natural sleep cycle) Reduced Snoring(Snoring is very often caused by a poor sleep posture. Our Buckwheat pillows don't solve all your snoring problems, specially if you have sleep apnea but by aligning your cervical spine it helps support and open up your airways.) Muscle Support(Neck and Back Pain are primary caused by poor sleep posture because your muscles and other soft tissues will try to keep...

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