PineTales, UNWIND Aromatherapy Spray
PineTales, UNWIND Aromatherapy Spray

PineTales, UNWIND Aromatherapy Spray

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  • With 100% Organic Lavender Essential Oil, crystalized water and pure Love. It will provide you with a deep sense of relaxation and peace. The coumarins found in lavender oil are known to soothe muscle pain, lower blood pressure, and act as a sedative for those suffering with body tension or sleep problems.
  • Use our Lavender Spray on any water safe surface or in the air! Spray on pillows, sheets, and blankets before bed to provide your body with the optimal environment for restful, deep sleep. Our spray is 100% all natural and non-toxic so don’t hesitate to use it wherever you want to enjoy the healthful benefits of aromatherapy.
  • A YOGA MUST-HAVE: Experience a new level of relaxation in your yoga practice by using Luna Aromatherapy Spray on your mat or in the air to calm your mind and promote peaceful focus.
  • Handmade in Phoenix, AZ 
  • 3oz Bottle is made with Food Grade Aluminum
  • 550 Sprays per bottle

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