Water Pillow

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  • For those who want the ultimate cool sleep experience! A Water Pillow is a whole different level of pillow compared to a Buckwheat Pillow

  • Adjustability is equal if not more than such of our Buckwheat and Millet Pillows. Add or remove water as needed.
  • The water filled core of our pillow conforms to your head's weight perfectly while still providing the support needed but most importantly a cool sleep experience as the water is constantly flowing inside the core, making sure the pillows does not get warm
  • The Microfiber filled top layer provides additional comfort which makes this pillow a class of it's own
  • And to top it all off we equipped our water pillow with our signature design cool touch pillowcase. Alternatively you can also opt for the bamboo case.
  • No need to buy any extra pillowcases. Our pillow is ready to go for your bedroom.
  • Our Cooling Pillowcase and Bamboo Pillowcase is fully machine washable and made with a long lasting Japanese YKK zipper of course
  • If you want a top of the line water pillow then this is it.

NOTE: Pillow ships without water.

If you're a side sleeper, try our knee pillow for the ultimate sleeping experience.

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