The Benefits of Bamboo Fabric

Top 5 Key Points of Bamboo Fabric For Bedding

When it comes to your sleep, nothing is more important than ensuring that your body is able to tap into the deep sleep that it craves each and every night – and for 8 hours a night too! However, when 8 hours a night just isn’t in the cards for you, it’s equally as important to ensure that the bed that you sleep in and the pillow you rest your head on at night is of the very best quality. After all, there’s a reason for why our bodies crave comfort – and with that in mind, we’re going to invite you in on the top 5 key points of bamboo fabric when it comes to your bedding.

Softness That Makes A Difference

When it comes down to it, bamboo is arguably the softest fabric around for bedding, and that’s why it’s so popular. Because bamboo fibers are rounded, they provide a softer feel that is often comparable to the most luxurious cashmere or silk sheets. For that very reason, it works well with it’s natural climate-control properties that keep your bed warm and airy all at the same time.

More Durable Than Cotton

While you might not believe it, bamboo bedding is actually more durable than cotton bedding. That means for products like sheets and pillowcases, you’ll reap the benefits from a stronger, more durable, and longer-lasting bedding set – ultimately keeping you comfortable for longer.

A Sustainable Bedding Solution

Because bamboo is natural, the fibers that are used to create bamboo bedding can be made without an environmental impact. Growing bamboo is easier on water supplies than growing cotton, and it even produces more oxygen than other trees. In other words, the more bamboo plants grown in a given area, the higher the oxygen count – and that’s always a plus for the environment.

Bamboo Bedding Is Climate-Controlled

When we say “climate-controlled,” we’re referring to the product’s natural ability to keep you warm, without making you sweat. For that very reason, bamboo bedding is perfect for those who like a cooler bedding experience. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t be warm! Bamboo is great at keeping you warm, but also keeping your body temperature regulated while you sleep to prevent the sweats or the chills.

Bamboo Is Naturally Anti-Bacterial

Bamboo is one of the few natural fabrics that is 100% anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, ultimately providing you with a cleaner, safer, and healthier bedding experience.

Maybe A Buckwheat Pillow Is Just What You Need To Add To Your Bamboo Bed Set

Part of getting the restful sleep that your body craves depends on your positioning while you sleep. Far too many pillows simply don’t provide you with the support you need to maintain effective sleep posture. A buckwheat pillow will naturally conform to your natural body shape, providing you with the chance to sleep comfortably and uninterrupted night after night.
Not to mention, they also help to relieve snoring fits with increased support to your neck and back muscles. When we sleep with a pillow that doesn’t provide enough support, our neck muscles tighten, ultimately compromising our airways. When our airways are compromised, we can experience snoring. And just like your bamboo bedding set, your new buckwheat pillow is naturally cool and hypoallergenic.

Our premium selection Buckwheat and Millet Pillows actually all work as advertised to improve your sleep quality.

So what are you waiting for? Enhance your quality of life!


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