Premium Sobakawa Buckwheat Hulls Pillows & Millet Hull Pillows by PineTales

Buckwheat Pillows & Millet Pillows by PineTales®
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We know Sleep.

Our Sleeping Pillows have been featured in numerous news and tv outlets.

Imagine you never have to go see your Chiropractor or Physical Therapist again.

Oftentimes the solution is as simple as replacing your mattress or pillow.

Buckwheat Hull Pillows are highly beneficial for people who have problems with their posture, spine and/or neck.

Our pillows can not fix everyone, but they can certainly help and aid with recovery after surgeries, reduce chronic pain and improve general well being by reducing inflammation, stimulating muscles relaxation and therefore increasing your quality of life.

Pillows for all Sleeping Positions

Pillows for all Sleeping Position

Experience the Difference

Beyond Ordinary - PineTales
Buckwheat Pillows have a long History in Japan - PineTales®

Buckwheat Pillows have a long history

Firm Pillows are ancient and that’s what makes them work

Firm Pillows have been used by our Ancestors - PineTales®
Firm Pillows are needed for propre head and neck support - PineTales®

Our bodies need natural but Firm Support During Sleep

Align your Spine

Correct Sleeping Position Illustration - PineTales®
PineTales®_Buckwheat_Pillows are_Toxin_Free

All natural and Chemical Free