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Experience the Difference

Our Sleeping Pillows have been featured in numerous news and tv outlets.

Chiropractors and Physical Therapists have been recommending our extra firm pillows to their customers for years.

Oftentimes the solution for a pain free life, is as simple as replacing your mattress or pillow.

Buckwheat Pillows are highly beneficial for people who have problems with their posture, spine and/or neck.

Our firm pillows can not fix everyone, and unfortunately are not a replacement for medical treatment, but they can certainly help and aid with recovery after surgeries, reduce chronic pain and improve general well being by reducing inflammation, stimulating muscles relaxation and therefore increasing your quality of life.

Pillows for all Sleeping Positions

Pillows for all Sleeping Position

Our traditional Sobakawa Pillow is made with 100% leak-proof cotton, making them durable and long lasting like no other pillow. Our premium models feature an inner and outer pillowcase combo with zipper, which allows for easy adjustments. To adjust the firmness or height, simply add or remove some of the filling. Create your ideal pillow and sleeping position to alleviate tossing and turning while also maintaining perfect spinal alignment and body posture while you sleep. Using a knee pillow can further increase your sleep quality specially when you're a side sleeper.

Chiropractor Recommended

Chiropractor Recommended

Our luxury pillow selection includes premium sobakawa models and traditional options made with organic buckwheat hulls. All our pillows are antibacterial, skin friendly, and made with high end functional and/or technical fabrics that absorb sweat and promote air circulation for cool sleep. Our Cotton Twill Models are made with 100% leak-proof cotton, making them durable and long lasting like no other pillow. Our Premium Bamboo and Buckwheat Cooling Pillow Models feature an inner and outer pillowcase combo. Our Travel Pillow is the perfect addition to your packaged luggage when you go on a trip and don't want to miss the comfort of your buckwheat pillow.

History of Buckwheat Pillows

Buckwheat Pillows have a long history

If you've ever traveled to Japan and stayed at a hotel or any other hospitality location, you've probably heard of a sobakawa buckwheat pillow before. This is because these cushions are people's choice when it comes to sleeping pillows in the land of the rising sun. Proper bedding is just one aspect of the overall healthy lifestyle Japanese practice, but we believe they are one of the largest contributors for why Japan's population is ranked among the top 5 healthiest worldwide. After all we sleep 1/3rd of our life.

ancient china

Firm Pillows are ancient and that’s what makes them work

Our bodies are not designed to sleep on soft and plush materials. Our ancestors slept on the ground and used wooden blocks or other natural available material as neck/head support for their sleep. This is exactly where Buckwheat and Millet Pillows come into play. They are Firm but yet moldable and comfortable once getting used to. Using a Meditation Pillow filled with Buckwheat Hulls has also been part of Asian culture since centuries.

natural and firm support

Our bodies need natural but Firm Support During Sleep

This is to provide exceptional support for proper neck/spine/head alignment, which in return allows the body to fully engage its natural healing processes over night for full recovery from everyday stress and/or illness. With the right support, there is no more tossing and turning and you sleep like a baby again. The correct Sleep Posture also opens up the air ways through your lungs which is why buckwheat husk pillows are very popular with CPAP Machine users as well.

Buckwheat Pillow Neck and Spine Alignment Illustration

Align your Spine

After just a couple of days on a correctly set up cushion, you can expect major Improvements with common posture induced ailments such as headaches, back pain, neck pain, overall body inflammation along with more energy and a clearer mind. All our Sleeping Pillows are adjustable because that's the key in finding the right pillow that works for you. There is not ONE that fits all. It's the same as with mattresses.

PineTales®_Buckwheat_Pillows are_Toxin_Free

Natural and chemical free

Our Buckwheat Pillow as well as our Millet Pillows are free of chemicals, perfumes, and other man made toxins which a lot of times are hidden in modern day memory foam pillows. In our opinion this is equally important for proper health as drinking clean water. Don't jeopardize your health!

PineTales Buckwheat Pillows are made to perfection

Made to Perfection

It is true that our pillows may cost more than those of many other manufacturers. But at the same time, we are immensely proud of making America's Finest Buckwheat Hull Pillows and luxury bed pillows like no other. Our attention to detail and quality standards are unmatched. Experience the Difference.

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