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Better Health Starts with a Better Pillow - PineTales

Better Health starts with a better Pillow

Experience the Difference

Beyond Ordinary - PineTales

Pillows for all Sleeping Position

Made with ❤️ in Arizona

Made in Phoenix, AZ - PineTales®
Buckwheat Pillows have a long History in Japan - PineTales®

Buckwheat Pillows have a long history

Firm Pillows are ancient and that’s what makes them work

Firm Pillows have been used by our Ancestors - PineTales®
Firm Pillows are needed for propre head and neck support - PineTales®

Our bodies need natural but Firm Support During Sleep

Align your Spine

Correct Sleeping Position Illustration - PineTales®
PineTales®_Buckwheat_Pillows are_Toxin_Free

All natural and Chemical Free