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Millet Pillows

Our alternative selection of premium firm bed pillows.

Millet Pillows are very similar to buckwheat hull filled pillows.

  • Millet pillows are very popular in Europe whereas in the US not many have heard of them yet. The filling tends to feel smoother compared to buckwheat which makes it also easier to adjust the pillow.
  • Great for Side Sleepers and Back Sleepers. Ultra support for your neck and head.
  • These pillows are also about 30% less heavy and more quiet compared to pillows filled with buckwheat, due to millet hulls being much smaller, causing less friction inside the pillowcase when moved around, without compromising air circulation within the pillow. These extra firm pillows are still super breathable and stay cool for even the hottest summer months.
  • If you don't like to be mainstream or have tried buckwheat pillows in the past and found them to be too firm, then you should definitely give a millet pillow a try.
  • Sleeping on a millet hull pillow feels similar to laying your head into the sand at the beach. It's a unique feel almost everyone likes. And it's all natural and organic. Try them out, you won't regret it.
  • NOTE: Millet Hulls have a natural nutty smell to them. It will fade over time, but if you are sensitive to smells, this type of bed pillow might not be for you and a buckwheat pillow will probably the better choice.
  • We only use the highest grade shells to make our millet pillows. Tripled screened and cleaned and treated with UV light to kill bacteria and bugs.