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America's Finest Knee Pillow: Trusted by Orthopedists, Physical Therapists, and Chiropractors

Experience superior comfort & pressure relief, perfect temperature regulation and improved sleep posture with our top-rated knee pillow designed specifically for side sleepers .

Why choose our model over the hundreds of Memory Foam Models available on the internet?

Well, memory foam pillows tend to sleep hot, are often packed with chemicals, and most commonly fail to provide consistent support. As memory foam naturally adapts to your body temperature, it softens as you get warmer, compromising the very same support that is advertised it is supposed to provide. Unlike memory foam support leg pillows, our knee support pillow maintains its shape all night long. That's our guarantee to you.

Superior Design for Optimal Spinal Alignment

Our pillow is designed to align your hips with the rest of your body, promoting perfect spinal alignment. This is crucial, as even the best buckwheat pillow supporting your neck and head can't compensate for a misaligned spine caused by your lower body parts sinking into your mattress. 

100% Millet Hulls Filling for Unmatched Comfort and Support

Filled with 100% millet hulls, our pillow offers firm yet adaptable support and therefore excellent pressure relief. Millet hulls also naturally enhance airflow, keeping the pillow cool, ensuring you stay sweat-free all night. 

Fully Adjustable and User-Friendly

Our knee support pillow is also unique in its adjustability. The outer cover features a hidden zipper to prevent scratching, whereas the inner cover allows easy access to the millet hulls filling, letting you adjust the pillow height and firmness to your preferred comfort level. In the event that the pillow goes flat over the years, you can just buy millet shells and refill the pillow to restore it's original loft.

Ergonomic and Convenient Design

With a round, ergonomic design that’s 25% smaller than most pillows on the market, our knee pillow is easy to handle and won't get tangled and stuck under your sheets as you change sleeping positions. This means fewer disruptions throughout the night and better sleep quality.

Easy Maintenance and Size Options

It comes with a fully removable and washable outer cover. Available in two sizes. To find out which size is right for you, simply measure the width of your knees. Whatever pillow size get's closest to that, is the size you should get. 

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