How to use a Buckwheat Pillow

Using a buckwheat pillow is a bit different than any other pillow types you might have slept with. Check out the videos below for everything you need to know to become a happy buckwheat hulls pillow sleeper.

  • Our buckwheat pillows are filled with buckwheat hulls that can move around  inside the pillow to perfectly fit your body and your needs
  • These hulls are a natural and sustainable pillow filler. You can adjust the height of a Buckwheat Pillow by adding more husks to make it taller and firmer or removing some to make it shorter and less firm
  • For Sleeping on your side, first lie down on your back on the pillow. Your head should not be tilted upward or downward when lying on the pillow This way the curves of your neck are properly supported for you.
  • Then roll onto your side. Since everyone's neck curvature is slightly different, this pillow can easily be molded to cradle the curves of your unique head and neck curvature. To do so push the top of the pillow downward, toward your shoulders and then push the inside of the pillow inward toward your face.
  • You want to mold the hulls inside so that will fully fill the space between the top of your shoulder and the neck.
  • If you feel discomfort, anywhere, for example near the ear region, you can simply move those hulls out of the way with your hand and you're all set.
  • Now if for some reason you wake up with any sort of neck or shoulder discomfort, then your pillow may not be providing you with enough support and you'd have to add back in some buckwheat hulls to increase the loft height of the pillow. You can also consider using a cylindrical shaped pillow only like a neck roll pillow which will provide you more support and height under the neck area.
  • And one more tip for you if you're sleeping on your side, is to use additional pillows to support your arm and joint area of the top arms shoulder, and another pillow between your legs. Use two additional cushions like that can greatly reduce any discomfort in the arm and back regions of your body.

For more detailed instructions, you can watch the instruction videos below.




We fill all of our buckwheat hull and millet pillows as well as meditation pillows, very generously, so most likely you will have to remove some hulls so your head, neck and spine are aligned properly to get the full benefits out of our pillows.

Removing or adding hulls is easy...

Use a cup or glass to remove hulls. You can store the removed hulls in any container you have handy, or a plastic bag etc. There is no real requirement.

How to adjust Buckwheat Husk Pillow Filling - PineTales
Millet and also Buckwheat Pillows ARE firm. Our super soft designer pillowcases add the comfort and softness most other natural pillows are lacking.
Firmness Levels of Different Pillow Types
Proper spinal/head/neck alignment is the key to a healthier sleep.

The best pillow can't do it's magic if your mattress is poorly constructed. If your body is not aligned properly, you will have tension and neck pain. So it's important that you take the time to adjust the pillow to your body and posture.
A general Rule in adjusting your pillow is the firmer your mattress, the higher your pillows needs to be. The softer your mattress the lower your pillow needs to be.
So if your mattress is super soft, you'll likely have to remove a bunch of hulls from your pillow to achieve a proper sleeping position.
Other factors that play a role in how high or low your pillow has to be, are your shoulder width, and size of your head.
How to set up your PineTales Buckwheat Pillow
It is important that your give you body at least 10 days to adjust to the new pillow. This is the same principal as with buying a new mattress.
Our 14 days return policy has you covered even beyond that adjustment period.
To achieve the best body alignment as a side sleeper, we recommend using a knee pillow too support your hips and knees and a neck roll pillow or any other compact size pillow to support your shoulders/arms.