Referral Program

How it works?

Step 1: Enter your Email address and your name

Step 2: A link is created and also sent to your email (no worries we'll never send you any other emails and you're not signed up for any newsletters or other annoying stuff either. We're better than that.)

Step 3: Share the link or forward the email you received to your friends/family.

Step 4: When they click the link to get to our website, their discount code is automatically applied to their shopping cart. They will see the discount at the checkout page

Step 5: Once someone makes a purchase using your link, we'll add the 10 USD as credit linked to your email. We'll also sent you an email confirming the store credit you received

Step 6: The more purchases your friends/family make using your unique discount link the more credits you get

Step 7: Your Store credit is automatically linked to your email. So when you check out using your email, we'll automatically apply the store credit you earned