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Our premium buckwheat hulls pillow collection, as they originated centuries ago in Japan. Often also called "Sobakawa pillow" or simply "Japanese Pillow".

  • Chiropractor recommended and proven to work miracles for many people who've been trying to find the right pillow over and over again.
  • If you've tried everything but yet have to find a pillow that works for you, and you are not scared to try a firm pillow but want something that's still not as firm as laying your head on piece of brick, then any of our luxurious pillows in this collection is worth a try. Alternatively you can also try a millet pillow if you like something more exotic.
  • You can check also check out our blog, where we explain you further what is a Buckwheat Pillow, how to clean a Buckwheat Pillow, and pretty much anything else you'd want to know about these extra firm pillows and any other sleep related topic that is relevant for your quest to get a better nights sleep by improving your sleep posture and in return reducing common issues like neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain and so on.
  • Our Pillows work best for Side Sleepers but if you remove enough hulls so that the pillow can properly align your spine, neck and head to each other, they are also a great option for back sleepers. For the best possible sleep experience we recommend using a knee pillow to provide support for your hips and knees when you sleep on your side. If you're looking for a unique gift, check out our brand new Sedona Vortex Pillow.
  • We also made comprehensive videos on how to use a buckwheat pillow if you want to learn more about how these extra firm pillow are used best for sleeping on your side and/or back.
  • For those of you who are Stomach Sleepers head over to our specialty pillow section, and check out our stomach sleeper pillow with a latex core for a brand new sleeping experience


Advantages of a Buckwheat Hull filled Pillow


Is a japanese buckwheat hulls pillow worth the hype?

Is it worth the price?

Is it high quality?

Should I replace my existing pillow?

Will this type of pillow really improve my sleep and neck pain?

These are some of the questions you may be asking yourself when it comes to Japanese Sobakawa Buckwheat pillows


Although japanese buckwheat pillows are continuing to grow in popularity, they have spent centuries working on their glowing reputation. The buckwheat pillow first originated in Japan in the 15th century. At this time, the ancient grain became a popular pillow filling because it was believed to promote health, was easily accessible, and kept the head cool. Buckwheat pillows are still used in Japan today and have continued to increase in popularity around the world.

The buckwheat pillow is very unique. Although it shares some qualities with the millet pillow, it stands apart from other popular pillow fillings like down-filled, fiber-filled, memory foam, and water. Unlike other cushions, the japanese buckwheat cushion is 100% organic and natural. It possesses a unique structure that promotes airflow through the pillow and provides firm support throughout the night. It is because of these extraordinary characteristics that the buckwheat hulls pillow has been used for centuries. If you are on the fence about getting a buckwheat hulls filled cushion, here are the key benefits of a buckwheat pillow that may help you make your decision.

It improves sleep quality and quantity

Improved Sleep Quality

The whole point of a pillow is to make sleep more comfortable, yet so many cushions fail to do that. We’ve all slept on a bad cushion, and often these cushions make laying down more uncomfortable than if we were to go without. This is because they don’t support the head as they should and may instead contort or twist your head and neck in ways it shouldn’t.


A traditional japanese sobakawa buckwheat pillow will support your head, ensuring proper posture and spinal alignment. This is why chiropractors and physical therapists often recommend them for those with chronic back pain (which I will elaborate on shortly).


When you are comfortable and well supported, you are less likely to spend the night tossing and turning. Research has found that tossing and turning at night decreases sleep quality and quantity – even when you don’t realize you’re doing it. And, one of the easiest ways to reduce movement while in bed is to create a comfortable sleep environment. For example, using a buckwheat hulls pillow can reduce the discomfort that keeps you moving around all night and it can also reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea and snoring that that may be negatively effecting your sleep quality.

It reduces snoring and reduces sleep apnea symptoms

reduces snoring

Snoring can negatively impact your sleep quality, as well as those around you. Though snoring can happen to anyone, it is especially prevalent in those with sleep apnea. One of the most common causes of sleep apnea and snoring is when your airway becomes compromised.


Simply put, snoring happens with airflow travels past sagging tissues, such as your soft palate and tongue, that have narrowed your airway. This can be worsened when your head is not adequately supported which may be caused by an unsupportive cushion. In addition, with sleep apnea, the airway can become completed restricted or closed for a period of time.


When your head, neck, and spine are in proper alignment, your airways can remain open, and you won’t have the narrowed passageway and resultant vibrations known as snoring. A buckwheat pillow will do this, keeping airways open by aligning your cervical spine. For those with sleep apnea, it is also recommended for use with a CPAP machine.

It provides muscle support, reduces pain and prevents headaches

reduces headaches

Studies have found that 1 in 10 Americans wake up in pain. This includes headaches, joint pain, back pain, and overall body stress. The leading cause of this is poor sleep posture. For example, if you have a lumpy fiber-filled pillow that doesn’t support your head, your muscles and soft tissues will fight to keep your spine aligned.


This causes muscles, tendons, and ligaments to become fatigued as they try to compensate.


Your head weighs roughly 11 pounds, and it is supported by seven small vertebrae and multiple muscles in your neck. When you lay down, these vertebrae and muscles can’t rely on gravity and balance. Instead, they need the support of a cushion, or strain can occur.


A buckwheat hulls pillow provides the necessary firmness to keep your head in alignment. As a result, it can reduce pain and help you wake up feeling refreshed.

It keeps you cool and helps “hot sleepers” sleep better

keeps you cool

According to sleep experts, you need to keep your body temperature down in order to get a good night’s sleep. Our bodies are programmed to drop core temperature at night, and therefore doctors recommend lowering the thermostat to 60 to 67 degrees. Despite this, many bedding items keep your temperature too high.


A lot of pillow fillings will trap heat, keeping your head warm and body temperature high. Not only can this make it more challenging to sleep, but it can cause you to sweat more which can then become trapped in your cushion.


A buckwheat hulls pillow is notorious for keeping you cool. This is why it became so popular in Japan. It helps a person achieve “zukan-sokunestu,” which translates to “cool head, warm feet” and is believed to aid in mental clarity and improved wellness.


The unique structures and shape of the buckwheat hulls allow for superior airflow, even after hours of laying on it. This makes it the ideal pillow for hot sleepers!

It prevents allergies

prevents allergies

Unbeknownst to many, your cushion can become a breeding ground for allergens. Many popular fibers trap in allergens like dust mites and pollens, which can cause congestion, sneezing, and runny nose at night. Allergens can also worsen snoring, sleep apnea, and asthma.


Buckwheat hulls, however, are naturally hypoallergenic.


Once again, their structure is beneficial as it doesn’t allow the space (and security) for dust mites and other allergens to stick around. This inhospitable environment means you won’t have dust mite droppings or secretions within your pillow. With the exception of a millet pillow, they are the only ones considered dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic!


In some pillows, toxins or chemicals may also be present. Although rarer, some people have sensitivities to these and experience allergies or headaches as a result. Our buckwheat pillows contain 100% US-grown organic hulls, so they don’t possess any of these chemicals.

It has an incredibly long lifespan

long lifespan

If you have made the mistake of buying a cheap cushion, you know they don’t last! Many cushions become misshaped, lumpy, dirty, or flattened within a year. And if you wash them regularly, it can shorten their lifespan even more. Buckwheat pillows, however, have an incredibly long lifespan!


They can last up to 10 years with proper care, significantly outliving other popular pillow fillings. With our buckwheat husk filled bolster, the inner pillowcase is made of 100% leak-proof cotton. This substantially contributes to its long lifespan as it is durable yet flexible. Like buckwheat hulls, cotton has a long history in the bedding industry because of its long lifespan.


Not only will its long lifespan benefit your wallet and sleep quality, but it is much better for the environment making these cushions a much more sustainable option.

It can be adjusted to fit your sleep position and body

it can be adjusted for your sleep position and body

We all have different requirements for cushion size and support, yet so many cushions are sold as a “one size fits all.” If you use a pillow that is too big, it will cause your neck to bend upwards, causing significant strain that can result in pain. Alternatively, if your cushion is not big enough, it can cause your neck to bed down, also causing stress on your neck, shoulders and back.

Buckwheat cushions solve these issues by being adjustable.


You can adjust the filling, so you have the perfect size to fit your body and preferred sleeping position. For example, when you sleep on your side, there is a larger gap between the mattress and your head that your pillow must fill. This is why side sleepers often benefit from having a higher pillow. If you sleep on your back, you won’t need as much height and will find that you are more comfortable by filling the cushion less. By simply adding or removing hulls as required, you can also change up your pillow size as you like. You can also choose the size of your pillow. For example, our premium buckwheat pillows come in three different sizes: Compact, Japanese, and Standard.


Sleep struggles are all too common, but fortunately, you can often remedy them with the right pillow. As you can see, there are several benefits to sleeping on a buckwheat hull filled pillow. With a satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose but a great sleep to gain!

To further improve your quality of sleep, using a meditation pillow to calm your mind for just 10 min. before bedtime, can work wonders.

Buckwheat Pillow FAQ's

Buckwheat Pillow Benefits Summary Infographic

Do dust mites live in buckwheat pillows?

This is a myth. Buckwheat pillows are considered hypoallergenic. While some people with severe allergies might still not be able to use them though.

What happens if a buckwheat pillow gets wet?

If a buckwheat hulls filled pillow gets wet, there's not need to panic. As long as it's just water that got into and onto the pillow, it can easily be dried outside in the sun or air.

Do buckwheat pillows go flat?

Generally speaking no. The hulls inside the pillow will wear down over time though and it might be necessary to top up the filling or replaced the filling after a couple of years depending on how heavily the pillow is used.

Do buckwheat pillows smell?

Buckwheat Hulls(specially fresh ones) have a natural earthy smell to them. Same as Millet Hulls used in Millet Pillows. It might be bothersome to some people but for majority of Sleepers it is not a problem at all. Over time the smell disappears though.

Do buckwheat hulls attract bugs?

Buckwheat hulls when cleaned properly do not attract bugs. While it is possible that bugs get into the pillow depending on where and how it is stored/used, the changes are less than 0.05% and it happens rarely.

Are buckwheat pillows hot?

The contrary is true. Due to the unique structures of the buckwheat hulls filling material, these pillows are probably the coolest and most breathable pillow you can buy.

Are buckwheat pillows noisy?

The hulls inside the pillow do make a rustling sound when the pillow is moved around. Depending on the pillowcase material and overall construction of the pillow, this noise can be very little to almost not noticeable.

Do buckwheat pillows get moldy?

Definitely not. Unless the pillow is constantly exposed to excessive moisture, buckwheat pillows do not get moldy.

Is buckwheat better than memory foam?

From the feedback we've gotten, this is a definitive YES. Many of our customers switched over from super pricey memory foam pillows and say they will never go back to a foam filled pillow ever.

Why do Japanese use buckwheat pillows?

It is due to the benefits sleeping on a buckwheat hulls filled pillow can have for posture induce problems like neck pain, headaches and migraines as well as lower back back and shoulder pain, that an estimated 80 Million Japanese people sleep on buckwheat husk pillows. No other pillow is as popular in Japan as this one.

What is a Japanese buckwheat pillow called?

In Japan buckwheat pillows are called sobakawa pillow or soba gara makura(which stands for buckwheat hulls pillow).