Extra Firm Sobakawa Buckwheat Hull Pillows and Millet Hull Pillows by PineTales

Buckwheat Pillows by PineTalesĀ® in Phoenix, AZ šŸŒµ

Buckwheat Pillows

Our premium buckwheat hulls pillow selection, as they originated centuries ago in Japan. Also called Sobakawa pillow.

  • Chiropractor recommended and proven to work miracles for people who've been trying to find the right pillow over and over again.
  • If you've tried everything but yet have to find a pillow that works for you, and you are not scared to try a firm pillow but want something that's still not as firm as laying your head on piece of brick, then any of our luxurious pillows is worth a try.
  • You can read more about The Benefits of Buckwheat Hull filled pillows in our blog.
  • We explain you how to clean a Buckwheat Pillow and pretty much anything else you'd want to know about these very special pillows and any other sleep related topic that is relevant for your quest to get the best nights sleep by improving your sleep posture.
  • Our Pillows work best for Side Sleepers but if you remove enough hulls so that the pillow can properly align your spine, neck and head to each other, they are also one of the best choices for back sleepers.

*make sure you choose Pillows which are made in the USA as importing hulls or any kinds of finished products with hulls in them from any other country requires fumigation (toxic) per USDA regulation which somewhat destroys the purpose of buying a natural pillow. Many companies market ORGANIC or even GOTS ORGANIC Materials used for their pillows, but that doesn't mean that these pillows are made in America. ļ»æ