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Cooling Buckwheat Pillow - PineTales
Cooling Buckwheat Pillow - PineTales
Cooling Buckwheat Pillow - PineTales
Cooling Buckwheat Pillow - PineTales
Cooling Fabric used with PineTales Cooling Pillow
Cooling Buckwheat Pillow - PineTales
Cooling Buckwheat Pillow - PineTales
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Cooling Buckwheat Pillow - PineTales

Buckwheat Pillow - Cooling

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  • Stay Cool with our Buckwheat Cooling Pillow

  • We designed this version of our Buckwheat Pillows for people who sleep hot. It comes with our signature Star Constellation Design Cooling Pillowcase. You won't find this anywhere else. Cool to the touch, extra breathable, and of course removable and machine washable.
  • This cooling pillow is sort of a unicorn among natural pillows. There's nothing quite like this available anywhere. It's our natural approach to the popular chillow pillow.
  • The Inner Pillowcase is made with ultra stretch-able leak proof cotton, to allow for the best moldability and optimal comfort for your head. It's similar to our Premium Buckwheat Pillow but smoother and easier to adjust and this cushion will adapt much better to your necks and heads contour.
  • You don't have to worry about buying extra or additional pillowcases. Our cooling pillow is ready to go. Unpack it and Sleep on it. The Outer Case is machine washable and super easy to remove in less than 20 seconds.
  • Again we use a Japanese YKK Zipper on inner and outer pillowcase.
    So you can use your cooling pillow for years without having to worry.
  • Filled with 100% Organic Buckwheat Hulls (Naturally Gluten Free). The best material to fill a cooling pillow with as it promotes air flow and does not lump together like wool or fiber fillings. Say goodbye to night sweats.
  • Fully adjustable. Simply open the zippers on the inner and the outer pillowcase to easily remove or add filling so to adjust the cooling pillow to your liking for ultimate comfort and support for your spine and neck.
  • Works like a charm for all sleeping positions but specially for people with posture, neck or spinal issues.
  • Amazing Results have been reported by people suffering from neck pain and/or night sweats. Sometimes the solution to our problems is just as simple as a getting a firm pillow or changing out your mattress for a better one.
  • A Cooling Pillow only works properly if the right filling material is used. The combination of buckwheat hulls (which are known for providing the best air flow among any type of pillow out there), and our specially designed inner and outer pillowcases, is what makes this pillow better and more efficient than even the fanciest 200 USD pillow you can buy at mattress firm.
  • Most pillows that feature a cooling effect are made of memory foam, which is known to trap heat. That's not only a waste of your money but also not the best choice for your health either :(
  • No matter what the reason is why you want a cooling pillow, choosing a firm pillow should be the number one objective. Fiber fillings, kapok fillings, latex fillings etc. are all good comfortable and more eco friendly memory foam alternatives, but just like memory foam, they simply don't provide the head and neck support you need specially when you're a side sleeper. 
  • Like our other buckwheat pillows, this cooling version will keep your head supported like nothing else does. You will sleep better and deeper and wake up pain free. If you want to try something different to a normal shaped pillow, you can try our neck roll pillow. It works great for side sleepers. Our videos on how to use a buckwheat pillow explain you everything you need to know if this type of pillow is new to you and you need help on how to use it.
  • All materials used in this cooling pillow are also hypoallergenic, so you don't have to worry about your allergies either.
  • If you are looking for a pillow that stays cool and breathable, but which you can also take with you during your travels, check out our buckwheat neck pillow.

We only use the Highest Quality Buckwheat Hulls. All our hulls are triple screened and heat treated and sourced within the USA. Guaranteed Odor and Pesticide free.

For Side Sleepers we highly recommend our millet hulls filled knee pillow to achieve the best overall body alignment while sleeping.


Tips for taking your cool night sleep to the next level


Keep your room temperature below 70 degrees Fahrenheit and well ventilated

According to the Cleveland Clinic and several other renowned health publications , the optimal room temperatures for a good night sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees. To keep your room ventilated and air circulating, there are several options. You can do this by turning on a fan (most apartments and bedrooms in houses in America are equipped with ceiling fans already, else you can just grab a portable one to put into the corner of your bedroom), or simply turn on the air conditioning. If you live in a cooler state, sleeping with the window open, can work even better sometimes and does the trick of keeping the room temperature low plus the air fresh all night.

Choose Sheets that breathable and cool

There are many different types of sheets out there. Some are naturally cool, and some are made with cooling fibers just like the fabric we use to make our cool touch pillowcase. Naturally cool and breathable sheets are 100% Cotton, but also Tencel Sheets. Try to avoid sheets that made of flannel or brushed fabrics. Also if you sleep with pajamas or other sleep wear, we recommend to only use ones that are not made of acrylic fabric or polyester as these can trap heat. Sleep masks can also trap heat in your head area which are therefore a big problem sometimes, which most people are not even aware of.


Stay hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated does not only have general health benefits, but it's also super important in regulating your bodies temperature. Drinking water is the most effective way to keep hydrated as our bodies are made of up 60% water. Also drinking a herbal tea like chamomile, peppermint etc. before going to bed can ensure you sleep better and stay cool. 


Use a natural mattress that is breathable 

Despite what you read in the news and hear from all the mattress manufacturers, sleeping on memory foam is not "cool". Same as with a pillow, foam traps heat, regardless if it's made with fancy cooling beads, or other "cooling technologies" which you can't actually test or feel yourself. The moment you put your sheets on top of the memory foam mattress, that moment any cooling feature you might feel or have tested out in the store when buying the mattress, renders useless. We recommend to use a innerspring mattress and make sure you have a proper foundation so to keep airflow from the bottom side to the top side of the mattress going and unblocked all night. Using a breathable mattress also improve airflow to your pillow, means air can circulate from the bottom of the mattress all the way through your pillow (hopefully you'll choose our cooling pillow), helping to keep your body temperature at optimal levels.

Shower Cold before bedtime

Take a cold shower before you head to bed. It helps your blood circulation but also lowers your body temperature so you fall asleep faster and stay asleep deeper and longer. Taking a cold bath is also an option, but much harder to endure for majority of people.


Turn off Electronics

Powering off electronics like your TV, Computer, or even just the power supply of your cell phone charges, can work wonders in reducing bedroom temperatures. Everything that operates on electricity, no matter how small the device is, emits heat, and the more devices you have in your bedroom, there more heat builds up specially if they all run at the same time.


Go Extreme

If you want to go extreme, you can try sleeping on the floor. Japanese Futon mattresses are made for this specific purpose only and majority of people in Japan also sleep on them. The floor of buildings is always cold and will never heat up, so it will keep you cool all night. Using a cooling pillow in conjunction with this, will guarantee a cool night sleep. A positive side effect of sleeping on the floor is that it can correct and help with spinal issues.


Keep a "cool" Mind

This tip is less connect with cool sleep, but more-so with "good sleep. Many of us let the outside world effect everything that goes on in our life. But too often, a change in mindset can have a tremendous effect on our success, and we all have witnessed that at some point in our life. Not watching TV directly before we go to bed, or engaging in emotional conversations with our partner before we head off to bed is not the best way to get a good night's rest. If you've never tried it, we recommend meditation to calm your mind for just 15 min. before you head off to dreamland. It can hugely help with a more deeper sleep and therefore indirectly also positively impact you as a hot sleeper. The less you wake up the less you are "aware" of your pillow being too hot. A good meditation pillow is helpful to start with a practice. If this last tip is too "spiritual and new age" for you, simply ignore it ;-) We are just very open minded and like to throw every tip at our customers to make them sleep better, deeper and longer. 


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