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America's Finest Buckwheat Pillow

  • Available in various Designs, each unique but superior to any other buckwheat husk pillow there is. All Designs are equal in functionality & comfort, and similar in the pillowcase material used to make this premium bed pillow
  • The outer Pillowcase of each Design is made with our super soft and skin friendly Bamboo Rayon Fabric or Cooling Fabric. Bamboo Rayon is one of the softest fabrics on the planet, it's also highly sweat absorbent and antibacterial. Our cooling fabric version (which will become available in the larger sizes during summer months). The blue design version of our pillow is the cooling model. All other models are made with bamboo rayon fabric.
  • The Inner Shell(which holds the buckwheat hulls) is made of ultra durable cotton fabric, allowing for the best moldability you will find with any Sobakawa Pillow, but still providing perfect airflow and breathability. Cotton has been used for decades in the bedding industry due to its resilience and durability.
  • The Combo of Inner and Outer Pillowcase makes our Buckwheat Pillow so unique. It is 50% less noisy than a Traditional Sobakawa Pillow, if noise is a concern for you when buying a new pillow.

  • It's Ready to Go! You don't need to buy extra pillowcases. Unpack it! Use it! Prefer to use your own pillowcase? Choose our Traditional Sobakawa Pillow. Or you can always put your own pillowcase on top of the Bamboo Pillowcase as well.
  • All our Pillows are equipped with state of the art YKK Zippers. Because Quality matters and no one wants to deal with a broken Zipper. We don't use hidden zippers as they are flimsy and tend to break easily.
  • Filled with 100% Organic Buckwheat Hulls(Naturally Gluten Free). The unique structure of buckwheat hulls is known to create enhanced air flow. Memory foam pillows can't compete.
  • Fully Adjustable. Via the zippers on the inner and outer pillowcase you can easily remove or add buckwheat filling to adjust the pillow height and firmness to your liking and individual needs. Adjustability is crucial to achieve the perfect spinal alignment needed to avoid tossing and turning each night and to get high quality restorative sleep.

  • Good for all Sleeping Positions, but specially helpful for people with posture, neck or spine issues who sleep on their side or back. Chiropractors recommend our buckwheat pillow for a reason.
Premium in every way...

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