Buckwheat Pillow - Basic

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Basic Sobakawa Pillow

  • This pillow model comes closest to what people use in Japan and Korea
  • The Pillow Shell is made of extra durable, dust proof and unbleached Organic Cotton Twill
  • We use twice as strong and thick of a fabric material as majority of other brands. Experience the PineTales Difference
  • If you like a ready-to-go model, you can choose our premium Buckwheat Pillow, which is made with an inner and outer cover
  • Equipped with Japanese YKK Zipper. Because Quality matters and no one deserves to deal with a cheap zipper
  • Filled with 100% Organic Buckwheat Hulls (Gluten Free). The unique structure of buckwheat hulls is known to create enhanced air circulation and provides superior support and adjustability over any other filling material

  • It's fully adjustable to your liking. Hulls can easily be added or removed to adjust the pillow to your liking. Simply open the zipper and remove hulls using a cup or with your hand, so to make the pillow as soft or firm as you like. Removing hulls will make it more moldable as well, whereas adding hulls will make it firmer and less smooth
  • The Pillow is good for all sleeping positions but especially helpful for people with posture, neck or spinal issues. For side sleepers to improve this pillows effectiveness, we highly recommend using a knee pillow in conjunction with it so your whole body is properly aligned

  • Check out our brand new videos on how to use a buckwheat pillow for side sleepers and back sleepers if you've never tried a pillow like this before