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French Linen Pillow Cover

French Linen Pillow Cover
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To protect your Cotton Twill and Woven Cotton Buckwheat and Millet Pillow from wear and tear, we recommend to use a pillowcase on top of it. This will improve the life time and also add extra comfort.

  • Our French Linen Pillowcases are specifically designed for usage with Pillows with any type of natural fill. They are extra breathable for a cool night sleep.
  • 100% Stone Washed French Linen Fabric made of Flax
    • Toxin Free and All natural Alternative to Cotton Pillowcases
    • Envelope Style(zipper free) so it fits perfect over any Buckwheat or Millet Pillows
    • High air permeability and heat conductivity properties. In other words, due to its highly breathable properties, the fabric keeps you cool in the warm months and warm in the cool months.
    • Machine Washable for easy care.
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