The Ultimate Size Guide to Buckwheat Pillows

Bigger isn't always Better. That's the verdict when it comes to Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillows.

As is with majority of bedding and sleeping products, every person has different needs and taste and there is no one size fits all.
But that's what makes our world also more interesting. Imagine everyone having the same type of pillow or mattress. Individuality keeps us sane.
When in comes to buckwheat pillows (and we really hope you make the decision to get one instead of sleeping on overpriced memory foam pillows or other synthetic materials where you have no clue what actually makes up the pillow) the size choices vary greatly between Manufacturers but there is one clear favorite, and size we recommend.



We've spent several years tweaking, optimizing and improving our buckwheat hull pillow selection, and that also includes coming up with sizes, that work and make the most sense for you as a customer.

 Travel Size (10" x 14")

Young Woman Sleeping on Travel Size Buckwheat Pillow


As the name suggests, this size is best for traveling. Being it camping, train or road trips, a travel size pillow comes in handy for sure the next time you're sinking into your cheap hotel pillow or your overpriced camping pillow. This size is also a very good option for young kids (ages 2 - 6) or back sleepers that don't change their sleeping position very often. Once the filling is adjusted to your liking, it perfectly complements and adjusts to your neck natural curve.


Japanese Size (12"x 18")

This is the size that comes closest to the traditionally used makura sobakawa pillows, japanese people have been using for centuries. It's size is perfect for daily use, making it our recommended choice for everyone. 

Why? Because the average size of a human head measures 6-7 inches in width and about 8-9 inches in length. So having a Queen Size pillow that measures 30 inches in length, is not only a waste of money, but possibly quite similar than buying pants that are too large, because you want to make sure you can still wear them should you ever gain weight ;-)

There are some advantages that makes the japanese size the clear favorite among buckwheat pillows:

  • Compact in size, but yet big enough for daily use and also easy to take with you on trips if you don't want to miss your buckwheat pillow while on the road
  • Much easier to move around an handle than larger size models
  • It's also easier to adjust than a larger pillow as you have to move less hulls around
  • Affordable Price. Less Fabric, Less Buckwheat Hulls, Less Labor, Less Shipping Costs, result in the best priced premium buckwheat pillow you will find.

Japanese Plus Size (14"x 20")

Woman Sleeping on Japanese Plus Size Buckwheat Pillow

This size works great for people that tend to move around a little more during the night, or switch sleeping positions often, turning from one side to another while sleeping on their side. With the extra sleeping surface added, over the regular Japanese Size, our Plus Size model also works well for people that are a bit larger built and have a larger head. It shares most of the advantages of the regular japanese size as well.


Standard Size ( 20" x 26")

Young Woman Sleeping on Standard Size Buckwheat Pillow

Yes yes, we know. Having a standard size or queen size bed pillow, makes your bed look organized and better, than having small size pillows on your bed. While that's true, and while Standard Size pillows are a great choice when it comes to fiber filled or memory cushions, we don't believe it's the best size for buckwheat pillows. Our Standard Size pillow comes in at a weight of almost 11lbs, where as our Japanese Size pillow only weights 5.5lbs. This makes a huge difference for many people when it comes to how you handle the pillow. Moving 10lbs around when you have to wash the cover or replaced the cover, or sheets, is not really fun. Overall a larger pillow means also more maintenance. You have to empty out more hulls than you'd have to with a smaller size. So the cleaning process itself of your buckwheat bed pillow, becomes a harder task with this size.

Price wise a standard size pillow also comes int at almost twice the cost as a japanese size pillow.


Queen Size ( 20" x 30")

Queen Size bed pillows are what we call the "Plus" version of a standard size pillow. A Queen Size Buckwheat Hulls filled pillow will weight around 14lbs making it even harder to handle and move around. We really don't recommend this size to anyone, but maybe weightlifters ;-)


King Size ( 20" x 36")

A King Size Buckwheat Husk Pillow comes in at almost 18lbs weight wise. We only really recommend such sizes to people that want a body pillow, but if the only purpose of having a body pillow is to support your arms and shoulders, then a Buckwheat Neck Roll Pillow will do the job as well without the hassle of the weight.


Neck Roll (17" x 6")

Woman Sleeping on Buckwheat Neck Roll Pillow
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