About us

We spend over 30% of our lives sleeping. Yet most of us underestimate the need for a good pillow and bedding. Having a good mattress is one thing, but having an equally high quality pillow is of same importance for a healthy sleep.


Poor sleep is a major contributor to serious health issues, including physical diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease, as well as mental health disorders like depression and anxiety.
Majority of sleeping pillows you can buy online or in stores, either look boring, feel uncomfortable, are made of toxic materials, or simply don't work at all giving you neck pain and/or headaches, allergies etc..


We ourselves used to buy pillows over pillows on the quest for the perfect sleep companion until we stumbled across buckwheat pillows.
From the moment these pillows changed our lives, we knew we wanted to make a difference and help the community and millions of Americans find a restful and healthy sleep.

Our goal ever since, was to bring the finest buckwheat pillows money can buy, to every household in America. Guaranteed toxin and cruelty free.
Most importantly, we want to bring value to you as a customer.

On average people spend thousands of dollars every year on sleep medication, pain killers and hospital visits related to posture induced physical ailments, but less than 30 dollars on a pillow.

Our pillows last up to 10 years, bringing down your investment to a couple of cents per day.

What's your health worth to you?

Your PineTales Team

Martin, Anna and little Susan