Extra Firm Sobakawa Buckwheat Hull Pillows and Millet Hull Pillows by PineTales

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About us

We are a family owned and operated business based out of sunny Phoenix, AZ.

Our Mission is to bring the finest buckwheat pillows money can buy, to every household in America. Guaranteed toxin, chemical and cruelty free.
Most importantly, we want to bring value to you as a customer.

Quality is our #1 priority, and our customers appreciate exactly that, when buying from us.

There are tons of choices when it comes to Buckwheat Pillows but unfortunately most pillows are either overpriced, or cheaply made to turn a quick profit.
Our buckwheat and millet pillows are Handmade in Phoenix, AZ and they last up to 10 years, bringing down your investment to a couple of cents per day.
Everything we manufacture and sell, are items that either help or completely eliminate various common health issues related to sleep.
We sell no products which we would not either use ourselves in our families or recommend to our friends and theirs.

So why buy from us?


You Value Quality

You want an extraordinary item which you cannot find anywhere else

You want to support a family owned American Company with American
Customer Service

You don't want to support big corporate
We give back! Part of each purchase goes to charities. You choose which one.

Your PineTales Team
Your PineTales Team