Meditation Pillow

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 Premium Meditation Pillow

  • Our luxury meditation cushions are the perfect accessory for your meditations or yoga sessions and made with the finest materials available. Some people meditate on our buckwheat pillow, but why not get a proper seat cushion.
  • The Compact size of 11" diameter x 4.5” height makes a PineTales Meditation Cushion not only easy to carry but also just about the right size for anyone's daily meditation practice.
  • They also work fantastic as a floor pillow for reading or any other activities you prefer to do while not sitting up high and closer to the ground.
  • Available in 3 Styles. Each unique but luxurious.

    • Traditional Style: Made with ultra durable cotton canvas cover which is removable and washable, so our meditation cushion model will last you for years, while provide a classic contemporary look.
    • Outdoor Style: Made with water repellent High Performance Fabric that is super easy to clean and designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Take it to your favorite park, camping or your backyard. This cushion won't disappoint you.
    • Premium Style: Made with a sturdy cotton canvas bottom and a super soft and plush velvet fabric seating area. For those you want the most luxurious meditation seat one can have.
  • Every PineTales meditation cushion has a carry handle so you can move and transport it easily.
  • Filled with 100% Organic Buckwheat Hulls which provide the best support. Extra Breathable, Moldable and cool like no other filling material. 
  • Zippers on the inner shell as well as the outer cover, allow for easy adjustment of the cushion to your liking. We are all different so we all like different firmness levels as well.
  • Filled with almost twice the amount of buckwheat hulls than other cushions you can buy out there. Becaues no one likes an under-filled meditation pillow, floor pillow or seat cushion.
  • Includes a protective storage bag for whenever you want to take a break from your daily routine and put away your meditation pillow for a while put it into the bag and the cushion will stay dust and dirt free forever.

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