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Buckwheat Pillow - Travel

Buckwheat Pillow - Travel
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Size Guide

For a full guide to buckwheat pillow sizes, CLICK HERE.

Buckwheat Pillow Size Guide - Travel Size 10 inches x 14 inches Buckwheat Pillow Size Guide - Japanese Size 12 inches x 18 inches Buckwheat Pillow Size Guide - Japanese Plus Size 14 inches x 20 inches Buckwheat Pillow Size Guide - Standard Size 20 inches x 26 inches Buckwheat Pillow Size Guide - Neck Roll Size 17 inches x 6 inches

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  • Voted best travel pillow for neck pain by the Sleep Foundation. Say goodbye to jetlags and sleepless nights.

  • Yes we know our buckwheat travel pillow is no u-shaped neck pillow, but let's be honest, do these pillows, really work? Check out THIS ARTICLE from The Atlantic, to learn more about why u-shaped pillows are useless.
  • We all LOVE to travel and visit friends and family during the holidays, or simply go on a weekend getaway to forget about our day to day lives for a bit. No matter what the occasion is, a proper cushion to lay your head on during a long flight, or even after a long flight in your hotel can be a life saver.
  • We came up with this model of our buckwheat pillow because many of our customers already take their japanese size cushions with them on trips, but that size is sometimes not always suitable, specially not when you have limited space like on an airplane or train which is where a small pillow comes in handy.
  • Perfect for your Adventures but also a nice small pillow pick for your kids Bedroom. We've gotten great feedback from parents so far.

  • Unfortunately most travel size cushions are either cheaply made, look just fancy or high tech, but end up to work poorly, or are completely overpriced for what you need. Choices range from Neck Pillows, U-Shaped cushions, to weirdly constructed Ostrich designs. This can be very confusing for you if you are actually looking for a travel size mini pillow that works.
  • Ergonomic shapes and exotic names for a travel pillow, don't do much, if you sink into the memory foam, latex, fiber fill or whatever other synthetic material is used these days, the moment you your head touches the surface of your travel size cushion. That's the main problem and a common themes theses days with most airplane travel pillow choices but also too many camping products on the market.
  • Why would you need a different type of pillow when sleeping on an airplane, train, or car etc. than what you have at home? It makes no sense to us. Our small pillow is exactly like our other premium models, with the only difference being it's size. Airplane seats have really poor lumbar and neck support. Many of our customers use our small mini pillow to support their neck or lumbar area. Most likely you will have to remove buckwheat hulls though because we overfill all our pillows.
    • Experience REAL Support for your neck on your trips and while on the road. A small pillow should be one thing and one thing only, which is supportive and moldable at the same time. This way any mini pillow will work it's magic and help you arrive at your destination well rested and ready to tackle the day pain free and headache free.
    • Our Buckwheat Hulls Filling provides both. And it can be super easily adjusted. Removing or adding hulls to create the perfect shape for you head and neck, is a breeze and takes less than a minute.
    • It's travel size 10" x 14" allows our buckwheat travel pillow to be taken literally anywhere. It fits into your backpack, carry on luggage and even larger sized handbags. Weighting less than 2lbs it's also considered a lightweight for a buckwheat cushion which is why it also makes a great small pillow for kids or petite people.
    • Choose between 2 pillowcase designs:
    1. Matrix Design Bamboo Rayon Pillowcase
    2. Prestige Star Constellation Design Cooling Pillowcase
    • Each of our Pillowcase Designs is super breathable, hygienic and super soft/smooth but yet durable enough for every day use if need be. Your head stays cool and you stay asleep. They are machine washable and easy to care for.
      • There's no need to buy extra pillowcases. Our buckwheat travel pillow is ready to go! Unpack it! Use it! Zippered carrying case is included. Optionally add our sleeping eye mask for a total blackout sleeping experience no matter where your journey take you.
      • Filled with 100% Organic Buckwheat Hulls and it's also fully adjustable. Durable zippers on the inner pillowcase/shell and the outer matrix designer bamboo rayon pillowcase allow you to easily remove or add buckwheat filling as needed to achieve the perfect comfort level for your travels. Children are especially sensitive to heat and anything that doesn't make their body feel comfortable. The Buckwheat Hulls filling makes our cushion the perfect mini pillow for young kids as it does not allow heat to build up, keeping your kiddo cool and "chill" at all times.
      • Good for all sleeping positions and specially for people with posture, neck or spinal issues. This cushion may seem small but it's large enough to be used as a regular sleeping pillow if you don't move around too often. Naps also become a a joy when your head and cervical vertebrae is supported by a cool and firm pillow that doesn't let you sink in. 
      • Our pillow's small size makes it also an excellent option for kids up to the age of 5 years, who don't need a full size cushion yet. Providing your kid a supportive pillow at an early age already, can avoid posture problems down the road, because their bones and muscles are still growing while they are young. You can use this pillow as a regular small sleeping pillow for your kiddos and as a kids travel pillow.
      • It's also loved as lumbar and lower back support (use it in your car, trains, air planes or your couch). Our travel size does it all. If you want a more traditional lumbar support cushion, check out our brand new lumbar support pillow in our lifestyle pillows section.

      Still can't decide if our pillow is right for you? Read our Quick Guide to Travel Pillows below, to find out more about different types of travel pillows and their benefits and recommended usage.

      We only use the Best Quality Buckwheat Hulls. All our natural buckwheat and millet hulls are triple screened and heat treated. Guaranteed Odor and Pesticide free and grown in the USA.

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