Lumbar Support Pillow

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  • Our Lumbar Support Pillow, designed to provide superior lower back support for any situation. Whether you're sitting at a desk all day or relaxing on the couch, this pillow will help you maintain proper posture and prevent pain.
  • Lower back pain often comes from poor posture while sitting at a desk or in an cheap office chair. The best buckwheat pillow cannot fix your lower back problems, if your posture is suffering for 8+ hours every day while you're at work.
  • Filled with 100% Buckwheat Hulls like all of our your buckwheat pillows and equipped with a zipper so you can remove or add hulls as needed to make the pillow as thick or thin as you need it to be to for your lumbar area.
  • 99% of lumbar pillows out there are NOT ADJUSTABLE. Unfortunately same as with regular sleeping pillows, there is no ONE fits all pillow. That's why adjustability was one of our main aspects in making this pillow. Also the Zipper is on back side, so you never feel the zipper when using the cushion.
  • Cool and Breathable. Unlike memory foam or other filling materials, the buckwheat hulls in our lumbar pillow, stay cool and promote air flow, so you can stay comfortable all day without a sweat.
  • We used the same material as for our outdoor meditation pillow, to make this lower back support pillow. So it's easy to clean and water repellent.
  • The cover is also fully machine washable. Simply remove all the hulls (pour them into a small bucket are plastic bag) and wash the pillowcase with any other dark fabrics.
  • Extra Long Adjustable strap allows for our lumbar back support pillow to be used also in cars, airplanes, trains or wherever you need help supporting your lower back area. Tighten the strap to put the pillow into a fixed position. It's also a great too for truck drivers who don't have a fancy new truck yet with proper lumbar support.