Sleep Mask

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  • There can be many reason why you would need/want a Sleep Mask. Some of us sleep during the day and black out blinds etc. are not always available or the best solution
  • Some of us are really sensitive to any kind of light, so using a Sleep Mask can be the last resort to get proper Zzzzz
  • Our Mask is made with 100% Cotton and Filled with Super soft Silk Fiber, which makes wearing it a bliss. You'll notice the difference immediately if you compare it to any other sleep mask you've had purchased before.
  • This material combination is also ultra breathable so you never have to worry about getting hot.
  • Don't waste your time on 80USD silk masks that break down after some use because the silk fabric is fragile and not made for daily use. Our eye mask is durable and comfortable. And it's fully adjustable via a velcro strap.
  • The most important feature of our sleep mask is that it covers your ears, so no more itching or pain from elastic bands which so many other sleep masks out there are made of.
  • Works anywhere  from airplanes & trains, to remote camp sites or your car(if you're a car sleeper). It's also a great side kick to a meditation pillow when you want to work on your calm and meditative practice.
  • Give it a try, the only thing you can loose is your Insomnia ;-). Pair it with a buckwheat pillow for the best sleep ever.
  • It's also machine washable. Wash it cold and let it air dry.