Buckwheat Hulls vs. Millet Hulls



We get a lot of questions from our customers asking what exactly the difference is between buckwheat and millet hulls.


Buckwheat Hulls - PineTales


It can be broken down into quite a few differences:

  1. Millet Hulls are smaller compared to buckwheat hulls
  2. The Structure of Millet Hulls is also more round than the triangle shape of buckwheat hulls
  3. Millet Hull pillows are less noisy than buckwheat hull pillows due to it's smaller size and structure
  4. Millet Hulls are much lighter than buckwheat hulls. So if a buckwheat pillow is too heavy for you, you might wanna try a millet pillow
  5. Pillows filled with millet hulls feel smoother and also mold easier towards your head
  6. Due to the shape of the hulls and the hulls being much smaller millet hulls pillows might need more re-adjustment than buckwheat hulls over the course of the night, as they tend to go out of shape faster. We only experienced this issues with 20x26 inch pillows though. 14x20 inch pillows don't show this characteristic that much.
  7. Our Millet Hulls are grown without chemicals as well, same as our buckwheat Hulls

In Summary, Millet Pillows are equally as comfortable if not even preferable over buckwheat hulls due to the key differences listed above.

Millet Hulls - PineTales


Check out the Video of our Dear Friend Ada below, to learn about the difference between buckwheat and millet pillows.
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