How to Achieve the Infamous “Cloud Bed”

The latest trend in bedding is the fluffy, cozy cloud bed. A big mattress, ultra-plush duvet, and extra pillows make it feel like you are sleeping on a comfy cloud, transforming your bedroom into a tranquil oasis. 


fluffy cozy bed with dog in it


The “cloud bed” now seen all over social media and interior design blogs is inspired by Restoration Hardware’s Cloud Slip Covered Platform Bed. The bed features a low, footless frame that is entirely upholstered and features goose feather cushions around the sides of the bed. The bed is often made up with a fluffy duvet tucked in and plump pillows, all in a monochrome shade of off-white.


Restoration Hardware is known for its beautiful furniture - as well as its hefty price tags! The good news is that even if you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on RH’s cloud bed, you can recreate the look yourself for much less.  


The secret to achieving the latest look in bedroom interior design is size. Yes, size matters when it comes to your bedding and mattress, and to create a cloud bed at home, you need the biggest mattress your space permits. 


size matters when it comes to mattresses and bedding


There are plenty of different sizes to choose from that go beyond your basic Queen and King. For example, you have your Standard Queen, Olympic Queen, and California Queen. Each bed has its own dimensions and will give you greater flexibility when choosing the right one for your space.    


When determining the right fit for your space, you need to know your bedroom dimensions and the measurements of any other furniture you will have in your bedroom, like bedside tables or a dresser. Additionally, you should consider any potential issues you could encounter when moving a large mattress into your space. For example, will it fit in an elevator or up a stairwell?


Once you have these measurements, you can determine which mattress size is best by referencing the sizes below. 


Full mattress (double bed) – 54 inches wide x 74 inches tall

Recommended room size: minimum 10 x 12 feet


Full XL mattress – 54 inches wide x 80 inches tall

Recommended room size: minimum 10 x 12 feet


Standard Queen mattress – 60 inches wide x 80 inches tall

Recommended room size: minimum 10 x 12 feet


Olympic Queen mattress – 66 inches wide x 80 inches tall

Recommended room size: minimum 12 x 14 feet


California Queen mattress. – 60 inches wide x 84 inches tall

Recommended room size: minimum 10 x 14 feet


Standard King Mattress: 76 inches wide x 80 inches tall

Recommended room size: 13 x 14 feet


California King Mattress: 72 inches wide x 84 inches tall

Recommended room size: 13 x 14 feet


To be sure, use painter's tape to mark the size of the bed on your bedroom floor, keeping in mind your bedframe, headboard, and footboard may add a few inches. If you prefer to have more walking room in your bedroom, your mattress will need to be smaller relative to your room dimensions. Once you have decided on the size of your mattress, you’ll need to figure out the type of mattress you want. You can read more about common mattress types on our blog.


common mattress types


If a new bedframe is in the budget, look for an upholstered frame with cushioning around the bed. There are many RH dupes available for a lower price that also feature a lower profile and come in shades of white and natural linen. A big, comfortable mattress and bedframe are crucial in creating a luxurious cloud bed, which will then be topped with an oversized duvet and plenty of pillows!


One of the best-kept secrets of luxury hotels and interior designers is to go up a size when picking a duvet. A duvet will give you the perfect cloud bed, and the fluffier, the better. Look for a down or a synthetic version, and try to pick a size that is slightly bigger than your mattress. For example, if you have a Queen mattress, look for a King duvet. However, if you have a King, you should carefully look at the duvet measurements and try to find one with an extra couple of inches on the width and length. 


For those extra lush beds you see online, add two duvets inside one duvet cover. This little trick will create a super fluffy bed but will also make your bedding much warmer. It is essential to consider your bedroom temperature and the breathability of your bedding, as a bed that is too hot can make it difficult to sleep. 


duvet cover


Room Impact, a leading home design website, also suggests ditching the cheap pillows and investing in high-quality pillows with different levels of firmness. You can add a couple of cheaper throw pillows for décor, but for sleeping, you want to look for comfort and support. If you prefer firmer support, try a millet pillow. Millet pillows are all-natural and organic and feel like you are on the beach laying on the sand. Alternatively, a water pillow is an excellent option if you prefer a softer option! A water pillow will help keep you cool and has adjustable support that conforms to your head's weight. Further, the microfiber-filled top layer provides added comfort, making this pillow feel like you are drifting off to dreamland on a cloud.


For the pillows you will be sleeping on, invest in high-quality pillows and then add lower priced throw pillows for a decorative touch. When picking your throw pillows, look for big and fluffy. You want it to feel indulgent and plush, and an abundance of pillows is the perfect way to do so.


Last but certainly not least, your sheets! Your bed linens play an essential role in creating your cloud bed, and you need soft, cozy sheets to complete the bed. It is easy to feel the difference between cheap and high-quality bed sheets. 


Great sheets will help keep you cool and make your bed feel soft and inviting. When purchasing new sheets, consider Egyptian cotton, Tencel, or bamboo. Although flannel sheets feel nice, they are also very warm and can cause you to overheat, especially when you’ve got plush duvets on top. So, if you take this route, ensure the thermostat is turned down low so you can sleep soundly. 


Finally, when choosing your bedding and linens, look for cloud-like shades of white, cream, or warm grey. This will help create the vibe you are after with your cloud bed.


white sheets


Making Your Cloud Bed


Now that you have all the materials for an ultra-luxe cloud bed, there is a particular way to make your bed to achieve the look.


Step 1: Snuggly tuck in crisp bed sheets


The foundation for your cloud bed is your sheets. If you want to go all out, you can iron them or hang them to dry, so there are no wrinkles. Snuggly tuck your fitted sheet around your bed and lay a flat sheet over the top. Next, smooth out the flat sheet and fold it back, so there are roughly two feet at the top, where there is only the fitted sheet exposed. Now tuck in the flat sheet, so it is tight across the mattress.  


Step 2: Add duvet(s) to your duvet cover


As mentioned previously, if you want a super fluffy look, add two down duvets inside one duvet cover. Once your duvet is inside the cover, it’s time to fluff it up. This is critical to creating that cloud look. If you can, ask someone to hold one end of the duvet while you hold the other and shake it repeatedly before gently laying it on top of your flat sheet. Next, tuck in the edges of your duvet without pulling it tight and removing that fluffed-up look. It can go under your mattress or between your mattress and the side of your bed frame. Finally, you will fold over the two top feet of the duvet. 


Step 3: Add plenty of pillows


Insert your millet pillows or water pillows into the coordinating pillowcases. You should have at least four standard-sized pillows for the cloud look. The RH cloud bed look has two pillows up against the headboard with two lying flat on the mattress, but you can add more if you like a more cozy look. In addition, you can opt to add an additional two to three throw pillows in a similar shade in front of the standard pillows.


Step 4 (Optional): Add a throw pillow and spritz of lavender linen spray


To complete the look, you can add a throw blanket or quilt to the end of the bed. Consider different materials like wool or faux fur that can add an extra element of coziness. You can even add multiple throw blankets if you wish or stack folded blankets on a bench at the end of your bed. Finally, give your bed a spritz of lavender linen spray to complete the tranquil setting.


With the right mattress, pillows, and clean, crisp duvet and linens, you can feel like you are sleeping on a cloud every night of the week! 


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