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Cat Bed | Dog Bed

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  • Our brand new cat bed - dog bed is perfect for your fluffy friend. It can fit up to two cats or two little doggies.

  • Most pet beds are made with memory foam or fiber fill to keep manufacturing costs low and profits for the makers high. These materials oftentimes have hidden chemicals in them which are no-bueno and can cause long term health problems for your beloved pet.
  • Our bed is filled with 100% Organic Millet Hulls. Grown and processed in the USA.
  • Animals love millet hulls and any organic material. It's part of their instinct so they naturally feel drawn to it. If you own one of our buckwheat or millet pillows, you know what we are talking about. Our cat bed is basically a millet pillow made for cats :)
  • The outer Cover is made with ultra strong and plush Polyester Fibers. It has a zipper so it is easily removable and washable and you can adjust the fill level of this cat bed as needed. It's also a dog bed because small dogs are technically cats ;-)
  • Inner Cover is made of leak proof and super strong cotton/polyester blend. It has a zipper as well.
  • Carrying Handle for easy transport on outer cover
  • Handmade to order in Phoenix, AZ



What Type of Cat - Dog Bed Is Best For Your Pet?


According to the ASPCA, roughly 67% of households in the United States own a pet, with the majority of pet owners having a cat. Our four-legged fur babies deserve the best! They bring so much joy to our lives and truly feel as if they are members of our family - family members deserve a good bed! 


Whether you have recently adopted a cat from an animal rescue, were gifted a kitten, or looking to upgrade your senior cat’s sleeping situation, you may be on the search for a good cat bed. At night, you could find your cat crawling over your head to share a piece of your shredded latex pillow or curled up in your bathrobe on the floor. Though this may have become the norm, it is not the best situation for you or your cat. 


Buying the right bed for your cat can be tricky. You may have already tried different beds in the past only to find your cat prefers the shipping box it arrived in. Many cats like to snuggle up in tight spaces, and enjoy added cushioning and comforts. This is why you will often find them curled up in a pile of laundry or on top of fresh towels.  With the right bed, you can give them all the comforts they enjoy.


Before you go out and buy another bed your cat rejects for a box, check out your options.  Though there isn’t an abundance of scientific journals publishing the results of the best bed, journalists and certified pet behaviorists have come together (along with several cats) to review the different types of cat-beds and determine which are best based on your cats behavior. 


The key to finding the right bed is knowing your cat's preferences. For example, does your cat prefer enclosed spaces or like to sprawl out? Are they older or still a kitten? Do they want to knead or scratch? Will you be traveling? The answers to these questions will help you determine which of the following types of cat-beds are best for your kitty. 


  1. Mat-style bed


This is an excellent option if you often find your cat lying comfortably on folded blanks or towels. These beds are between two to three inches thick and 25 to 30 inches long. They are usually made from poly fiber with a soft polyester cover. If you travel, you may want to opt for a smaller size that will fit into a kitty-crate. This way, your cat will have the comfort of the bed they are used to at home. These beds come in a variety of different sizes to accommodate different sized cats. Many of these beds have a strong lining that will hold up to cat scratches, preventing your cat from tearing up the bed. This lining also means it won’t trap liquids, so if your cat marks their territory, you may want to put it on a tray or additional liner, so it doesn’t get onto your floor. Lastly, these beds are easy to wash, so you can keep them clean and smelling fresh. 


  1. Kneading bed


Kneading is when your cat massages its paws on a surface.  This is an instinctual behavior that many cats do when relaxed and content. Many cats like to knead in softer, plusher materials like blankets and fluffy pillows. A kneading bed will be made of similar material. They are not often as thick as a mat style but have faux-fur or extra soft fluff. Although this style is great for a kneading cat, they are often more challenging to wash. Read the washing instructions before purchasing to save yourself from disappointment down the road.   


  1. Cat perch


Many cats enjoy gazing out the window. You could find yours spending the day on a table, sofa, or window sill looking outside between naps. If this sounds like your cat, consider a cat perch. These can be standalone fixtures that feature a raised bed so your cat can lounge and look out the window, or it may attach to your window fixture like a hammock. These are great for a bed with a view but are challenging to clean. When purchasing a cat perch, make sure you get one that can support your cat's weight and read the instructions to ensure it is supported and won’t fall. 


  1. Millet hulls cat bed


Cats are intuitive animals and drawn to more natural materials. This is why you may see your cat comfortably in a cardboard box rather than the fluffy bed right next to it. A millet hulls bed is filled with 100% organic material, which is an attractive feature for feline friends. The millet hulls make it comfortable yet firm and supportive. It is also great for temperature control, so your cat doesn’t overheat and become uncomfortable. Our millet hulls cat bed comes in a 15” by 15” by 3” size, perfect for one or two cats. You also have the option of adding catnip to make it extra appealing. Washing is easy, too. Simply remove the outer cover and throw it in your washing machine. Just as you love sleeping on your millet pillow, so will your cat! 


  1. Cat house


Some cats prefer an enclosed space. If you find yours likes to sleep under your sofa or in closets, they may prefer a cat house to sleep in. These are shaped like small dog houses and can be placed anywhere inside your home. Some can even be set outside for outdoor cats and have heating features! Although they come in different sizes, these beds are more cumbersome and take up more room than a flat bed. These are very similar to cat caves; however, a cat house is usually a firm structure where a cat cave may be collapsible and have soft, padded sides. 


  1. Scratching bed


Those cardboard beds cats love are also great for scratching! They act as scratch pads but don’t have a lifespan. Quickly you will notice the box looking torn up and becoming an eyesore in your living room. Fortunately, you can find a bed that will provide the same scratching satisfaction while looking much better in your living room. A bed with removable scratch beds will allow your cat to have fun, and you keep the bed looking new. These boxes resemble cardboard corrugations, with layers of scratchpads you can peel off and throw away. Though this will last longer than a traditional box, it has a much shorter lifespan than the other beds on this list and isn’t washable. 


  1. Round bed with raised sides


These beds are great for cats that like to curl up. They feature round sides that will make your cat feel cozy and have varying levels of cushioning. You can find round beds with multiple inches of padding and others that are thinner. Though some dog beds look similar, cat beds typically have sides that are taller.  These are often made from foam with a machine washable cover. 


  1. Cat towers


A lot of cats like to be high off the ground. This instinctive move gives them a greater sense of safety and security. A cat tower offers a bed that is lifted off the ground. These beds usually feature scratching posts and areas to climb. Cat towers range in size and complexity. You can find simple towers or more elaborate ones with enough space for multiple cats to nap and lounge. 


  1. Cat bunk beds


Cats are prone to co-sleeping, so if you have a bed that only fits one of your cats, you might run into issues. For two cats, consider looking for a bed that will accommodate them both. For example, the millet hulls bed is big enough for two cats to lay side-by-side. Alternatively, you can do a layered bed. Think of these beds as a bunk bed for cats. It is a long, circular bed that allows a cat to sleep inside and on top. These come in various sizes and can fit up to four cats. They are also excellent for cats that like to sprawl out and stretch when sleeping. However, these cat-beds aren’t suitable for traveling due to their bigger size and may lack the soft, plush surfaces kneading cats enjoy. 


Our pets deserve a comfortable, designated spot they can sleep in every day. Experts say cats need a bed as it will make them more relaxed and happy. Additionally, it will make it easier to clean up shedding and if you move or travel. 


There are plenty of cat beds to choose from, and you may not get it right the first time. If you have purchased a bed for your cat before and didn’t use it, don’t give up. Be patient and consider trying a more natural bed like one filled with millet hulls or other natural materials like kapok, buckwheat hulls, hemp hulls etc. Cats spend about two-thirds of their life sleeping, so why not give them the best, more comfortable place to do so!


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