Millet Pillow - Wool

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  •  A Wool Pillow unlike another. Soft, Breathable but yet supportive like a millet pillow should be.
  • Filled with 100% Millet Hulls, triple screened and cleaned.
    • We then fill the hulls into our flexible Cotton Jersey Pillowcase (the same we use to make our cooling pillow model), to make this millet pillow extra soft.
    • On top of the inner flexible shell, we put our Cotton/Wool Pillowcase, made with smooth unbleached cotton and padded with the luxury Australian wool, to keep you cool but also create the most comfortable wool pillow ever.
    • YKK Zipper on inner Shell and the outer Wool cover that will last for many years and also allows easy adjusting of the fill level to your needs. We also over-stuff this millet pillow same as all our other sleeping pillows.
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