Buckwheat Pillow - Premium

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Premium Buckwheat Pillow - PineTales
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Premium Buckwheat Pillow - PineTales
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Premium Buckwheat Pillow - PineTales
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Premium Buckwheat Pillow - PineTales
Premium Buckwheat Pillow - PineTales
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Premium Buckwheat Pillow - PineTales
Premium Buckwheat Pillow - PineTales
Premium Buckwheat Pillow - PineTales
Premium Buckwheat Pillow - PineTales
Premium Buckwheat Pillow - PineTales
Premium Buckwheat Pillow - PineTales
Premium Buckwheat Pillow - PineTales
Premium Buckwheat Pillow - PineTales
Premium Buckwheat Pillow - PineTales
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Buckwheat Pillow - Premium

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Why buy from us
  • Design + Functionality + Comfort = The Perfect Buckwheat Pillow

  • Available in 3 Designs, each unique but superior to any other buckwheat husk pillow there is. All 3 Designs are equal in functionality, comfort and materials used to make the pillow.
    • The Outer Pillowcase of each Design is made with our soft and skin friendly Bamboo Rayon Fabric. Bamboo Rayon is not only one of the softest fabrics on the planet, it's also highly sweat absorbent and antibacterial. Find out more about it in our blog.
    • The Inner Pillowcase is made of durable woven cotton fabric with, allowing for the best moldability you will find with any sobakawa buckwheat pillow but still providing perfect air flow and breathability. Cotton has been used for decades in the bedding industry as a core fabric for countless sleep products. If you want even more moldability and airflow, check out our Cooling Pillow, where we use a flexible stretchable inner pillowcase.
        • This Combo of inner and outer pillowcase makes our premium pillows unique and like no other Buckwheat Pillow on the market. A premium sleeping experience you will feel and even more appreciate. It is also 50% less noisy than a traditional model if noise is a concern for you.
        • You don't need to buy extra pillowcases. Unpack it! Use it! Prefer to use your own pillowcase? Choose our Traditional Buckwheat Hulls Pillow, or you can always just put your own pillowcase on top of the bamboo and high performance case.
        • All our Pillows are equipped with state of the art Japanese YKK Zipper! Because quality matters and no one wants to deal with a broken zipper.
        • Filled with 100% US Grown Organic Buckwheat Hulls (Naturally Gluten Free). The unique structure of buckwheat hulls is known to create enhanced air circulation. Air circulates better than with any other material on the market.
        • Fully adjustable. The easy to operate zippers on the inner pillowcase (we don't use hidden zippers as they tend to break easier and are harder to open and close) and the bamboo pillowcase allow you to easily remove or add filling to adjust the pillow height and firmness to your liking. This is crucial to achieve the perfect spinal alignment needed to avoid tossing and turning each night, and to get a high quality sleep.
        • Good for all sleeping positions and specially for people with posture, neck or spine issues. Chiropractors recommend our pillows for a reason. As an alternative you can also look into a neck roll pillow specially when you're a side sleeper.
        • Buckwheat Hulls used in Pillows as filling, provides superior Support and adjustability over any other pillow filling material.
        • Handcrafted with ❤ in Phoenix, AZ
        • The 20 x 26 pillow depending how full you like it, weights up to 11lbs when fully filled. The 14 x 20 pillow has a weight of up to 5lbs. 
        • We generally overfill our pillows, so you never have to worry about not having enough support even if you have very broad shoulders. Follow this link if you want to learn more about how to use a buckwheat pillow.


        Ask a Question
        • How do you best sleep on this Pillow?

          Our Buckwheat Pillows work best for Side Sleepers or Back Sleepers. Make sure you follow our guide on how to set up your pillow, to gain the full benefits of this unique product.

        • What is the weight of this pillow?

          Our Japanese Size Version weights around 4lbs and our Standard Size Version weights around 9lbs. We fill our pillows by volume which is why we do not specify a fixed weight. We generally overfill all of our pillows so they work for everyone and you just have to remove hulls if it's too heavy or high.

        • How can one avoid that the pillowcase starts to peel after a couple of washes?

          Peeling can be avoided by just air drying the pillowcase after each wash. We don't recommend putting it into a a dryer.

        • Is this a vegan pillow?

          Not sure what exactly you mean with "Vegan", but no animals have been harmed in making any of our pillows.

        • Do you make this pillow in King size or Queen size?

          Unfortunately at the moment we don't. King size or queen size buckwheat pillows are super heavy as well which is what a lot of people would not want per our research.

        • Is the noise of the buckwheat pillow noticeable to others or just the person sleeping on it?

          It's hardly noticeable to anyone but the person having their head on it. It's a gentle rustling noise which is only audible if you move the pillow or your head.

        • Which pillow size is best?

          We recommend most people to go with the Traditional Japanese Size 14" x 20" buckwheat pillow. It's what is used in Japan size wise and therefore big enough for every day use. Also it's much lighter than a 20" x 26" pillow and due to it's more compact size you can technically also take it with you when you travel if needed.

        • I received my buckwheat pillow today but it is not filled up 100% with hulls. Why?

          No Buckhweat or Millet Pillow is ever filled up 100% with hulls. There needs to be some room left inside the pillowcase for the hulls to move around. Else the pillow cannot be molded properly to your neck/head. If you think your pillow is too firm, you very likely have to remove some hulls to make it more responsive and moldable/softer.

        • I purchased your Premium Buckwheat Pillow on Amazon, but it didn\'t come with a carry bag. Why?

          Not all of our Buckwheat Pillows come with a "Carry" bag and it varies where you purchase it. The bag is not actually a carry bag, but rather a retail packaging bag hence it's not included with every pillow.

        • How often does one need to replace the Bamboo Pillowcase?

          It depends on how heavily you use the Buckwheat Pillow and how often you wash the pillowcase. Each wash cycle reduces the lifetime of the pillowcase. In general our premium cooling, bamboo, cotton and high performance pillowcases last 1-2 years before they need to be replaced.

        • Can the Buckwheat Pillow be heated up in a microwave, or cooled in a freezer?

          We do not recommend heating up the pillow. Aside from the heat causing the Buckwheat Hulls moisture content to be greatly reduced(which will result in the hulls becoming more brittle and to break down faster lifecycle wise), heating a pillow with a metal zipper is never a good idea. Metal can cause your microwave to blow up. We are not kidding. Never put any metal material into a microwave. All our Buckwheat and Millet Pillows are equipped with YKK Zippers which are of metal.

          Cooling down the pillow on the other hand is not an issue at all. Our cherry pit heating pads can be heated an/or cooled for comfort as needed though.

        • Can one be allergic to Buckwheat Pillows?

          We generally classify our Buckwheat Pillows as "Hypoallergenic" so majority of people should not have any issues at all with our pillows. Allergic reactions can only be caused to buckwheat flour leftovers from the milling/cleaning process of the Buckwheat/Hulls. We make sure that our hulls are cleaned to the highest standards reducing the risk of allergies to the absolute minimum.

        • How long does this buckwheat pillow last?

          Buckwheat Pillows last up to 10 years! The pillowcase might have to be switched out every year or two depending on how often you wash it as each wash cycle decreases the life time of the pillowcase a little. That's the same with every pillowcase use for any type of pillow.

        • Does it work for stomach sleepers?

          Buckwheat Pillows are mainly designed for Back and Side sleepers. So we do not recommend using it for that purpose as you'd need a very thin pillow for that so to properly align your head/neck and spine when you sleep on your stomach, which is very hard to accomplish with a buckwheat filled pillow. For Stomach sleepers we recommend our latex slim sleeper pillow.

        • Are your buckwheat pillows good for side sleepers?

          Yes absolutely. Our Buckwheat Pillows and also our Millet Pillows are an excellent choice for side sleepers. The neck/head support you need as a side sleeper is provided by the firmness of the pillow and more importantly by the structure of the hulls themselves allowing them to mold perfectely to your head and neck when you position the pillow. This is what makes buckwheat pillow superior to any other pillows on the market(memory foam pillows, fiber filled pillows, down feather filled pillows, etc.).

        • Is the pillow washable?

          The pillow itself cannot be washed as it would damage your washer. Both the inner and outer pillowcase are mashine washable though.

        • Where are the Buckwheat Hulls grown?

          All the Hulls we use to make our pillows, are US grown. We sometimes import Hulls some Canada if demand is high and our US partners don't have any.

        • How many Bamboo Pillowcases come with the Pillow?

          The Pillow comes with ONE Bamboo Pillowcase and ONE inner Pillowcase(which carries the filling). Extra Pillowcases are available in our addon section of our store.

        • How do we store buckwheat which we remove from the pillow

          You can put it in a zip lock bag, or any other bag and/or container you might have. There are no firm requirements really, just make sure you keep the buckwheat fill dry.

        • What is the difference between your prestige and classic buckwheat pillow bamboo?

          Just the Design. The material is the same.

        • Are the hulls fully roasted to kill any living organisms?

          Yes the Buckwheat Hulls we use are all heat treated