#1 Checklist for buying a Buckwheat Pillow


Are the Hulls Organically Grown? We share in our other post why this is important


Does the company you buy from has a physical address listed on their website or can they be found on google maps? If not that can be a red flag. Behind a lot of "family" and "small" businesses are huge corporations (sometimes Chinese Companies) these days, using the "small family business model" as marketing opportunity to grow their reach. Also be wary when buying on Amazon without doing your research. A huge percentage of sellers on Amazon are Chinese Companies, which means quality control is something you should wonder about.


Is it organic? Organic does not necessarily make the pillow better than non organic. It similar then with food. Non organic food will not kill you but may be healthier for you. A lot of times Organic is just a marketing gimmick these days. For instance there is no 100% organic buckwheat pillow. Yarn and Zippers cannot be made organic. Neither can quilted pillowcases as they always required some sort of polyester padding to be worked in as a layer. So it's important to do your research before falling for pillows which are marketed as "GOTS Organic" or "100% Organic".


Free Shipping? This is another "marketing gimmick". At the end of the day costs companies have are always passed on to you as a customer. So free shipping means nothing else than the shipping costs being added into the cost of the product already ;-)


Is the return policy clearly stated on the website. Some Return policies are written quite tricky where it is not stated clearly who pays for return shipping, and or if and other fees apply when you return you pillow. We understand that buying a Buckwheat pillow or any sort of pillow online comes with a risk for you that it might not work at the end of the day, which is why we are fully transparent with our return policy. No hidden fees or rules which are not communicated upfront. This is important when you shop for a new buckwheat pillow online. Every returned pillow is a huge loss for us as a company because we cannot re-sell used pillows per law and it's also unethical to do so. All our pillows are always freshly made to order.


A lot of Websites have raging reviews about the pillows they sell. These review "plugins" for websites, can easily be manipulated so it's always best to make sure you check for reviews on Amazon and or Google as well. Those are REAL verified reviews and cannot be faked easily. That's why we opted for Google Business reviews AND product reviews on our website as such are also used by large established companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nike, etc...as well.

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