Gemstones and Crystals for Better Sleep

Natural sleep remedies are on the rise! You may have already tried some and had great success, like a millet pillow or buckwheat hulls pillow infused with lavender buds. Another natural sleep aid that is increasing in popularity is crystals.


Yes, crystals can improve sleep quality, and they do so in more ways than one. 


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Gemstones and crystals are so much more than beautiful, colorful rocks. They are believed to possess healing powers that can aid in various mental, physical, and spiritual issues. There are hundreds of different healing crystals, and each one has specific properties. Although you won’t find any scientific studies on crystals for better sleep, there are plenty of anecdotal reports, and experts swear by them. Their power comes from the unique vibrational patterns and energy they give off. 



Crystals are very easy to use. You can place them on your bedside table, wear them as jewelry, create a crystal grid around your bed, place them under your pillow or mattress. Keeping them close by will allow you to benefit from their energy which will aid in sleep. As each crystal has different properties, not all crystals are good for sleep. In fact, some could potentially make your sleep worse! Crystals that increase energy levels or recover repressed memories could keep you awake, restless, or cause nightmares. That said, the type of crystal you use is very important. 


Even if you are already having a great sleep with your buckwheat hulls pillow with lavender buds, you could use crystals for dream recall or to have more pleasant dreams. There are crystals for everything! If you are interested in working with crystals, take a look at the following stones. These crystals are considered excellent for beginners and are known for aiding in sleep. 



The 11 Best Crystals For Sleep


1. Howlite


Best used for: when struggling with a racing mind and insomnia. 




This crystal has several remarkable properties that can aid in sleep. Howlite is used to calm an overactive mind and reduce feelings of anxiety. It will help you relax and get you into a calm state to enjoy a more peaceful sleep. This crystal can be used by anyone who wants to feel a sense of peace as they lay their head on their millet pillow at night. It can also be used for those who are suffering from insomnia. In this case, experts recommend placing a tumbled howlite stone under your pillow or creating a crystal grid around your bed. 


2. Amethyst


Best used for: when you want to get into a meditative state before sleep and increase deep sleep.




 amethyst for sleep pinetales


You will hear mixed reviews of amethyst for sleep. A small number say it can cause nightmares, but the vast majority swear by the power of amethyst. It may be the most commonly used crystal for sleep despite a few opposing opinions. This gorgeous purple crystal can reduce anxiety and get you in a meditative state that will help you fall asleep. You often find amethyst in its raw, rough form. If you have a large chunky piece, avoid putting it under your pillow or mattress; instead, keep it next to your bed. 


3. Lepidolite


Best used for: when you want to fall asleep quickly and have better quality deep sleep.


 Lepidolite for sleep pinetales


You know those nights when you finally lay down on your buckwheat pillow and just can’t “unwind”? Perhaps you had a chaotic day at work, or you have a never-ending list of to-do’s tomorrow. For nights like these, you need lepidolite. This crystal is believed to help with depression, anxiety, and insomnia. It will help you turn off the noise in your head and help you get to sleep. This stone also helps with deep sleep (a critical sleep stage). Lepidolite encourages theta brain waves, which are associated with deep sleep. Also, if you meditate before bed, this crystal will help you reach a deeper level of a meditation. Some meditation pillows have pockets to put crystals in.


4. Stilbite


Best used for: when you need help falling asleep and are coping with grief, loss, or heartbreak.


 stilbite for sleep pinetales




Stilbite is similar to lepidolite in that it will quiet mind chatter. A busy mind is one of the most common reasons people have difficulty falling asleep. The energy this crystal gives off will calm your mind and quiet the chatter. This stone has additional benefits that can help those dealing with loss, grief, or relationship challenges.


5. Rose Quartz


Best used for: when you need a night of more peaceful sleep and loving energy.


 rose quartz for sleep pinetales

Rose quartz is a very popular crystal and is typically used for matters of the heart. It is also an excellent crystal to aid with sleep. Model Miranda Kerr swears by it! In an interview, Miranda said, “I always carry a rose quartz in my bag. I also have a rose quartz wand – it’s like a little massage wand that I hold when I’m meditating – and I sleep with one under my pillow!”. Not only will rose quartz help you sleep, but it will bring more love!


6. Hemimorphite


Best used for: when you want to improve dream recall.


 Hemimorphite for sleep pinetales


If you are big into dream interpretation but have trouble remembering your dreams in the morning – you need to get yourself hemimorphite. This crystal is a stunning bright blue that is believed to stimulate the pineal gland and help you receive messages in your dream, as well as interpret them. It will calm your mind and busy thoughts, allowing your dreams to be crystal clear.



7. Red Tiger’s Eye


Best used for: when worry is keeping you up at night.


Red Tiger’s Eye for sleep pinetales


Whether it’s an upcoming presentation at work or a family member who has taken ill, when you are worrying, it can prevent you from falling asleep and cause you to have a poor quality of sleep throughout the night. Red tiger’s eye calms the nervous system and reduces the feeling of worry. This stone, in particular, is known for its full-body relaxing effect.


8. Black Tourmaline


Best used for: when nightmares disrupt your sleep.


 Black Tourmaline for sleep pinetales


Those who suffer from nightmares can be awoken in a complete state of panic or fear. Obviously, with their heart racing and lingering feelings of being petrified, it can be very challenging to fall back asleep. Black tourmaline is considered a protection stone and can be used to protect against nightmares. If you experience nightmares, keep this stone on your bedside table next to howlite (#1 on this list) to get a peaceful night’s sleep.


9. Clear Quartz


Best used for: when pain is keeping you up at night.


 Clear Quartz for sleep pinetales


Crystals and gemstones are also believed to aid with physical illness and pain. Due to the sedative effects of many of the crystals listed here, they can also help ease muscle pain. If back, shoulder or neck pain keeps you from getting comfortable, try this “master healer” crystal. Clear quartz is popular because of its incredible healing properties, which relieve the body of any type of pain. Crystal healers believe that clear quartz improves the body’s energy flow, drawing pain from the body. It is also said to be helpful for migraines!


10. Lapis Lazuli 


Best used for: when affected by sleep apnea.

 Lapis Lazuli for sleep pinetales


As mentioned earlier, the healing properties of these crystals are not scientifically proven. That said, crystal healers believe that you can improve sleep apnea by pairing lepidolite (#3 on this list) with lapis lazuli. The lepidolite will help breathing by calming the mind where lapis lazuli, a known “air” crystal, supports your breath. Lapis lazuli is known to improve sleep apnea.


11. Labradorite


Best used for: when you want better sleep quality.


 Labradorite for sleep pinetales



Some people have no problem falling asleep at night, but their sleep quality is poor. This can leave them feeling exhausted the following day even though they thought they were sleeping. We need a certain amount of light, REM, and deep sleep each night, and if you aren’t getting it and awaken quickly, you won’t get the benefits of sleep. In this case, tuck a tumbled labradorite stone under your pillow or mattress. It is a spiritual gemstone that works while you are sleeping, encouraging more deep, meaningful sleep. It also helps balance and restore brain chemistry and can help you recall dreams in the morning.


If you are typically a light sleeper, having your crystal directly under your pillow may be too much. Experiment with placement and move it further away until you find a spot that works for you. Some crystal retailers sell crystal kits containing all of these crystals; alternatively, you can buy them separately based on your sleep needs.


For someone not familiar with crystals – this may seem a little “far out”. But there is nothing to lose. Best case scenario, you have the most incredible night’s sleep. Worst case scenario, you have a pretty stone decorating your bedside table - either way, you are in a good position. Just remember, crystals and gemstones should not replace medical treatment. They are complementary supports to improve your energetic well-being.





So if you are looking for better sleep, why not keep a precious stone nearby? You may be pleasantly surprised! We offer affordable crystals for sleep & meditation in our accessories section. Give them a try and see for yourself how your sleep can improve using gemstones. If you are a fan of meditation, check out our article about crystals for meditation.

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