How to spot High Quality Buckwheat Hulls?

When it comes to Buckwheat Pillows, you have a lot of choices. 

With Amazon, Ebay and other large online market platforms opening up the US Retail Market to pretty much Every Company in the world that can register an LLC in the US (which is not that hard honestly), the hunt for high quality and toxin free  sleep products has become harder than ever. 

In This Article we'll show you how you can distinguish good from bad buckwheat hulls so you can make a better choice where to buy your pillow from.

There are 2 types of Buckwheat Hulls which are commonly used in Pillows.

Roasted Buckwheat Hulls (often found in imported pillows):


Roasted Buckwheat Hulls

Heat treated/non heat treated Organic Buckwheat Hulls:


heat treated us grown buckwheat hulls


Roasted Hulls appear weak and fragile compared to Heat Treated/non treated versions and are used in lower priced pillows on Amazon, Walmart etc. They've almost lost all of their 3D triangular shape which makes Buckwheat Hulls so unique as pillow filling material.

This reflects in the durability of the pillow as the hulls break down much faster than regular heat treated ones as well as the pillow not sleeping as cool as one with hulls that are only heat treated and or not treated at all as these hulls keep their 3D triangular shape.

Roasted hulls are often(not always) found in imported pillows since US customs requires the hulls to be roasted and a lot of times even fumigated to prevent the spread of any insects or bugs. Fumigation makes the hulls smell sour.

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