Using a Buckwheat Pillow for Yoga and Meditation

If you practice meditation, holding your knees in an awkward position, or even rotating your hips can be painful. This is especially true if you prefer the full Lotus pose while you seek mindfulness. Having a steady cushion like a buckwheat pillow or meditation pillow can make your daily practice more comfortable and help you reach that inner peace you long for.

Lotus Pose (Half or Quarter)
This is easier on your knees, and you can use your new buckwheat pillow for added support. With this pose, your pillow can slightly raise your body, which can ease tension in your legs.

lotus pose

Cross-legged Pose
This pose will stretch your knees, but this can easily be relieved by using a cushion underneath you to keep your legs from going to sleep. It will also help you keep your back in alignment for a longer time.

Crossed Leg Pose

Child’s Pose
Also called, Balasana, this pose is ultimately the most comfortable pose for many people as you can lay your head on a pillow while allowing your back, hips, and thighs to stretch comfortably. Use a Buckwheat pillow as it is adjustable to your comfort and body’s alignment.

Child Pose

While you meditate, being comfortable will help free you from distractions. Even if you sit in a chair, have an adjustable Buckwheat pillow will help support your lower back and bottom so you can concentrate on your breathing or mantras. This pillow, along with sleep meditation, is a perfect duo for getting a better night’s rest, so you wake up rested and ready for the day. Also our Meditation Cushion has been designed for only one reason, which is meditation :)

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