Wooden Pillow

Wooden Pillow
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  • The best Wooden Pillow

  • Made with the finest Beech Wood. 2.25 inches high. A physical therapy tool that can save your neck if used properly
  • Comes with removable Lavender Aromatherapy Sachet and a washable slip on pillowcase
  • Promotes Spinal and Neck Health by repositioning the Vertebra and Discs of the Cervical Spine back to it's natural curve
  • Ventilation Holes make sure you get a superb Aromatherapy experience while you train your body to naturally heal
  • Just 5-10 min every day on this wooden pillow, can make a difference in your necks health and recovery after injury
  • You may want to consult with your Physical Therapist or Chiropractor if this pillow is right for you.

NOTE: This item is not returnable because making a wooden pillow in this shape and form is a LOT of effort.

It's not intended for sleeping on it.

It's a physical therapy device that should be used to relieve tension and pain when needed.


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