Cherry Pit Heating Pad

Cherry Pit Heating Pad

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  • Cherry Pit Heating Pad for use with microwaves

  • Made with US Grown Organic Cherry Pits. You will notice the difference. They stay warm longer than other natural heat pad filling such as flax seeds or buckwheat groats.
  • The calming heat of this heating pad, helps with cramps, back pain, menstrual pain, etc. Doctors often recommend heat therapy to their patients. Electronic heat therapy devices are available plentiful on the market, but they don't often provide the deep penetrating heat that natural pads do, as only natural heat penetrates deep into your tissues for real results.
  • Heat Therapy is a natural way of treating pain and has been used for centuries by ancient cultures and native indian tribes
  • Put it into your microwave for 2-5 min. and experience the difference natural heat therapy can make with reducing pain. It stays warm for 10 - 15 min.
  • Our specially designed Velcro closure, makes our cherry pit heating pad fully adjustable and also washable. Empty out the cherry pits and wash the cover with your regular laundry.
  • Durable cotton twill fabric ensures your cherry pit heating pad lasts for years to come. The cover is also machine washable. Simply empty out the pad and put it into your laundry. We recommend to wash it cold, and let it air dry.
  • You can also cool this cherry pit pad, down in your freezer and use it as a cooling pad if you desire.
  • Our Small Size Pad works also great for traveling as it's as portable as a pad can get and you can fit it easily into any luggage or carry on you might have.

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