Seat Cushion - Chair Pillow

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  • Premium Millet Hulls Filled Seat Cushion we also call it "Chair Pillow". Designed for people who want the perfect Support while sitting on any type of wooden, plastic or other firm surface.

  • Majority of the seat cushions you can buy are filled with memory foam, or latex, which doesn't provide enough support to hold your full body weight. The result is discomfort. If you don't believe us, go buy the purple seat cushion and see for yourself :)
  • Our chair pillow is filled with 100% Organic Millet Hulls
  • Millet Hulls when put into a pillow or cushion, perfectly conform to your bodies shape while at the same time providing the best support you can get. Compared to synthetic materials, millet hulls filled products don't get hot either. The Hulls allow for enhanced air flow no matter where you use your cushion at.
  • The outer Cover is made with ultra strong and plush Polyester Fibers. It has a zipper so it is easily removable and washable and you can adjust the fill level as needed.
  • Inner Cover is made of leak proof and super strong cotton/polyester blend. It has a zipper as well.
  • Carrying Handle for easy transport on outer cover
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