Energy Vortexes: The Perfect Place for Deeper Meditation and Energy Healing

As humans, we are attuned to and project energy. The term energy is often used to describe levels of alertness and a lack of fatigue, but it is also commonly used in a more spiritual sense. Spiritual energy is referenced in many ancient cultures and religions and can be described as inter- and intra- personal forces, flow, or essence. 


You have observed and felt these energetic forces before. For example, when you visited a place and suddenly felt uneasy or anxious without an apparent reason. Or, when you visit a feel-good spot, your shoulders drop, your mind becomes quiet, and you begin to breathe more easily. This can happen anywhere. It could occur while visiting a particular space, a new country, or when surrounded by nature.


energy forces in natura


These sudden, unexplained tranquil feelings aren’t necessarily a fluke. It is caused by the energy around you, which is most potent when at one of the many energy vortexes located around the world. Energy vortexes are powerful locations with concentrated spiritual energy that can immediately be felt and even provide healing. Many people visit these locations to meditate and experience their own energetic healing. Each experience is different. Some report seeing swirling colors, and others feel a great sense of support and being uplifted.   


Sedona Energy Vortex


Your results are enhanced when you sit on your meditation pillow at an energy vortex like those in Sedona, Arizona. It is said that meditation is significantly more robust in these areas, bringing you further through the stages of meditation in a shorter period. This is why over 4 million people travel to the Sedona energy vortexes each year! So, if you want to better your energetic flow or experience a deeper meditation, keep reading. 


What is an Energy Vortex?


An energy vortex is a specific location with abundant, vibrant energy that exudes from the Earth. These locations contain a lot more energy than other areas, with energy that is said to swirl up and down and in circles, creating an energetic vortex. By definition, a vortex is a funnel shape of whirling wind or energy—for example, a tornado, whirlpool, or water going down a drain. We can see these examples but cannot physically see an energy vortex. Instead, we feel it. 


Water Vortex


Many consider energy vortexes the chakras of the Earth. Like the human body, Mother Earth has a set of chakras with energy flowing through her. Chakras are spiritual centers that act as energy channels, and when we are next to the Earth’s chakras, we can amplify or magnify our own. The energy vortexes connect to Earth’s chakra points, working with the greater energetic grid. 


energy vortexes have a long history


These energy vortexes have been passed down from indigenous groups and continue to be sought out by energy healers and those who believe in the metaphysical. It is commonly believed that energy vortexes are found where ley lines intersect. Ley lines are similar to latitude and longitude; however, they cannot be seen on a map. Instead, they are invisible energetic highways that connect energy vortexes and are a significant piece of the Earth’s greater magnetic field. It can sound a little strange, but thanks to quantum physics, we have a better understanding of how energy vortexes work. 


How do Energy Vortexes Work?


In the spiritual or metaphysical realm, quantum physics is often used to explain the law of attraction or spiritual energy. But from a strictly scientific perspective, quantum physics studies the atoms and subatomic particles that make up our Universe. Quantum physics has revealed that everything is energy – even the smallest atoms are made up of swirling energy! Our bodies, houses, and even our outdoor meditation pillows are made up of energy. Like us, the Earth is made of energy particles bouncing around together in their own energetic field. However, some areas on Earth have more vigorous activity than others, and these are known as energy vortexes. Energy responds to energy; therefore, our human body responds to the Earth’s energy. So, when we come into contact with these particular locations, our body responds, and we feel it spiritually, emotionally, and physically. 


human energy field and body


This energetic power is especially conducive to activities like meditation. Those who have meditated at an energy vortex report feeling a heightened level of consciousness, tranquility, alignment, and purpose. Additionally, many have stated that while meditating at an energy vortex, they experienced a clear mind and engaged in profound self-reflection. Some have even said they left feeling as though their emotional wounds were healed and they felt physically lighter and more youthful. 


How to Meditate at an Energy Vortex?


First, you need to pick the energy vortex you want to visit. For the purpose of meditating, many people visit one of the energy vortexes in Sedona, Arizona. Pick a time when there are fewer people, like early morning or later in the day, as you want it to be as quiet as possible.  

Once you arrive, look for a spot with fewer distractions and where you can be alone. This will allow you to focus on your meditation practice and the energy you are feeling. Sit on your meditation cushion and take three deep breaths. Prolong the inhale and exhale and feel it in your belly. If you prefer, lay down with your head on your meditation pillow and your arms beside you, palms up. 


meditate at an energy vortex


Michele Mattix from Sedona Meditation Experiences tells visitors, “there is nothing to see with your eyes or touch with your hands. It is a mystery why the energy is here or exactly where it begins and ends, so let go of your logical mind and get into your heart”. 


If you meditate regularly, you may then want to continue your practice as you do at home. Alternatively, you can draw your attention to the energy around you. Imagine it swirling around you and coming up from the Earth like a tornado of healing energy. Then, ask the Universe a question for inspiration or a solution. Bring it up and then still your mind, seeing what comes up for you.  


While you sit or lay on your outdoor meditation pillow, pay attention to how you feel. Does your body feel different? For example, some people have reported headaches, whereas others feel their muscles relax or skin starts to tingle. Also, pay attention to how you feel emotionally. Are you more relaxed? Happy? Sad?

To deepen the experience, consider journaling before and after you meditate. As mentioned, these areas are great for self-reflection and very effective for shadow work. You can use a shadow-work journal or simply use the following prompts to get started:


What makes me feel weak?

What makes me feel happiest?

Do I trust myself?

What do I resent about my childhood?

What would I want to communicate if this was my last day on Earth?


Where are Energy Vortexes Located?

There are energy vortexes located around the world. Many of the most powerful vortexes have been documented, but experts believe there are still many to discover. Several well-known energy vortexes are found at the ancient wonders of the world, heritage sites, or sacred spiritual locations. This is believed to be because the ancient civilizations believed these areas to possess the “Earth Chakras” and a vortex of swirling spiral energy – perfect for rituals and connecting with the Creator. 


Although a significant number of energy vortexes are already documented, more continue to be discovered through the reporting of personal experiences and energetic healing occurring at these points. Here are the top 5 energy vortexes and what makes each one unique…


  1. Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England


stonehenge england


Stonehenge is one of the ancient wonders of the world. The unique monument has existed for over 5000 years, becoming a World Heritage Site in 1986. At the site, there are 100 upright stones arranged in shapes, and despite various theories, no one knows for sure why or how it was built. Modern machinery and engineering advancements didn’t exist at the time, yet somehow these great stones were lifted and placed upon others. 


Many connect this to the fact that Stonehenge exists at the intersection of 14 ley lines. It is a mighty energy vortex that connects various spiritual locations to Stonehenge. In addition, more recent archaeological research suggests the spot is a burial ground, further enhancing the spiritual meaning of the spot. 


  1. The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

great pyramid of giza vortex


Like Stonehenge, The Great Pyramid is an ancient wonder of the world. The pyramids were built between 2550 and 2490 B.C. and contained significant energetic power. Physicists conducted a study of the Great Pyramid in 2018 and found that the pyramid concentrates electromagnetic energy inside the chambers and under the base. Some believe the ancient Egyptians knew of the energy vortex and consequently chose this spot to build The Great Pyramid. So whether you hope to sit close by on your outdoor meditation pillow or take a guided tour, you are bound to feel the energetic power of this remarkable place. 


  1. Mayan Ruins, Tulum, Mexico


mayan ruins tulum vortex


The Mayan Ruins have attracted travelers throughout history. Like the other wonders of the world on this list, the ruins of the ancient city are a stunning sight to see. It was constructed in the late 13th century and possesses incredible energetic power. Research suggests that the asteroid that hit the Earth over 600 million years ago, wiping out the dinosaurs, landed in what we now know as Tulum. This has charged the spot with energy that is said to promote emotional and physical healing. 


  1. Mount Shasta, California, USA


mount shasta vortex


Mount Shasta is an active volcano just south of the Oregon-California state line. The look alone is enough to give you tranquil feelings. Snow-covered, the volcano is surrounded by forests, meadows, and flatlines. Visitors are said to experience transcendence and spiritual growth. Native Americans have said Mount Shasta is the center of the Universe and remains a common spot for spiritual ceremonies. If you are more adventurous, you can join the other 25,000 visitors that travel to the mountain each year. 


  1. Sedona, Arizona, United States


Sedona Vortex Arizona


Sedona is one of the most popular areas in North America for those seeking wellness, rejuvenation, and spiritual healing. It has one of the most breathtaking landscapes that also features plenty of energy vortexes. Some estimates suggest that Sedona has hundreds of energy vortexes with more to be discovered; however, the top 4 are said to have powerful results, deepen meditation and even cause physical reactions. 


Are the Sedona Energy Vortexes The Most Powerful?


Sedona, Arizona, has some of the most profound energy vortexes with a reputation for spiritual enlightenment. The energy from this area is said to be the energy of transformation, and whatever you bring to the site will be amplified. That said, there are believed to be slight differences in the four main vortexes in Sedona. Therefore, while visiting, many people will go to all four to feel what resonates with them best. 


In the 1980s, a psychic and energy channeler named Page Bryant referred to four unique locations for meditation. They were vortexes with incredible psychic and uplifting energy. The four vortexes were Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Boynton Canyon, and is where the energy is most intense. Hundreds more have been identified since, but the “big four” continue to attract spiritual tourists from all over the world.  Each of the big four radiates its own type of energy. Some are considered feminine, others masculine, and Boynton Canyon is both. The energy may flow upwards where at others it goes down, and they also vary in intensity. 


Airport Mesa is the closest to the town’s center, which makes it the busiest energy vortex in Sedona. This is an excellent spot for you if you don’t mind crowds and can shut out distractions while you meditate. Many visitors to Airport Mesa report seeing colored orbs and an intense energy. As a bonus, you also have incredible views and can see the infamous twisted juniper trees. 


airport mesa vortex


Bell Rock is the easiest to identify as it is shaped like a large bell. At Bell Rock, the energy is said to flow upward, which creates a tingling sensation you will feel. If you want to experience these energetic vibrations, go to the North side of Bell Rock. 


Bell Rock Vortex


Cathedral Rock is the only energy vortex where energy flows down into the Earth. This type of energy is ideal for those on an exploration journey and looking to experience deep self-reflection. The most potent energy is felt next to Cathedral Rock, where Oak Creek runs, known as “Red Rock Crossing.” 


cathedral rock vortex


Boynton Canyon is the home of the Yavapai-Apache and is a sacred land in addition to being an energy vortex. Here, energy flows upwards and inwards. This is a prominent place stretching two and a half miles and is also one of the most popular hikes in Sedona. 


boynton canyon vortex


If you are looking for a quiet space to meditate with fewer distractions, you can try one of the lesser-known energy vortexes.  For example, Eagle’s Nest is located in Red Rock State Park and features the same breathtaking panoramic views as Airport Mesa but without all the people and noise. Another option is Schnebly Hills which is a beautiful spot off the beaten trail. You will need an off-road vehicle to get here, but it is worth the effort! Lastly, for an energy vortex with history, visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross. The church was built in 1956 among the infamous red rocks. The builder, Marguerite Brunswig, had said it was “a spiritual fortress so charged with God that it spurs man’s spirit God-ward.” 


Although every experience is different, the majority of visitors say they can physically feel the energy in Sedona and report great transformation following their visit. But, if you can’t get to a Sedona energy vortex in the near future – it’s okay - you can still work on deepening your meditation or energy healing at home. 


One option is to go to an outdoor space close by that makes you feel content, calm and safe. Maybe it’s in your backyard or a local park. Sit on your outdoor meditation pillow, put in a set of headphones, and listen to a guided meditation that is held at an energy vortex. Popular YouTuber, DanaAlexaDance, has videos of her meditating at the Sedona Energy Vortex at Bell Rock. You can see for yourself the beauty of the area and rainbow-like orbs surrounding her as she guides you through a powerful meditation. 


Another option is to bring a piece of the Bell Rock Energy Vortex home with you. The Sedona vortex pillow features a signature cotton pillowcase that showcases a topographical map of Bell Rock, one of the most powerful energy vortexes in Sedona, Arizona. In addition, the pillow features an inner pillowcase with two pockets for crystals to continue the energy healing overnight. Each Sedona vortex pillow also comes with a seven-crystal chakra set.

PineTales Sedona Vortex Pillow Animation


No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, a visit to an energy vortex and channeling the Earths energy will deepen your meditation and provide emotional healing.


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