Improving your Sleep with Buckwheat Pillows

In the well-known fairy tale the Princess and the Pea, a princess's authenticity is tested by placing a pea under twenty mattresses. It is believed that if she can feel the pea, then she is a real princess.



The following day when the princess awakes, she tells her hosts that she had a sleepless night. She says she felt something hard in her back and had a bruise on the spot where the pea was. Her potential prince rejoices as he is now confident she is a real princess. 


Though there are arguably some plot holes and unanswered questions here, this 1835 story highlights one crucial truth – when your bedding is uncomfortable, it’s very difficult to sleep. For example, a lousy pillow or a mattress that’s too soft can make sleep feel impossible and cause you to wake up in pain. 



Adults require seven to eight hours of sleep each night for their bodies to function as they should. An insufficient amount of sleep can adversely affect one's immune system, cause mental fog, reduce concentration, and cause mood swings. Your body needs sleep to repair, so you feel energized and refreshed in the morning. 



If you have long nights of tossing and turning or wake up with aches and pains, you need to upgrade your pillow. With a buckwheat pillow, you can improve your sleep quantity and quality,. Here’s how it does it: 



 Aids in cervical alignment and reduces pain


Your sleeping position has a significant impact on your spine. It can allow your body to rest and rejuvenate, or it can cause strain, injury, and pain. The key to waking up refreshed and pain-free is keeping your spin neutral. Of course, keeping your spine neutral depends on your sleeping position, but ultimately, you need to fill the gap behind your neck with a pillow. 


Though it sounds simple enough, many pillows can’t get it right. For example, an overstuffed fiber filled pillow will twist your neck up, putting you out of alignment. Alternatively, if your pillow isn’t supportive enough and your head sinks down when you lay on it, it will contort your neck back. Both of these scenarios put a strain on your neck. 


Buckwheat pillows get it right and aid in alignment. Their unique structure is firm and supportive, and it will stay this way throughout the night. Further, they are also adjustable. This is a feature unique to buckwheat pillows that will allow you to get the size just right for your body. When your pillow fits perfectly, it will keep you neutral. And when you stay neutral, you reduce pain and sleep better! This is why buckwheat pillows are chiropractor recommended and loved by so many people! 



Keeps you cool and maintains core temperature


To sleep better, you need to stay cool. Sleep experts and doctors recommend setting your thermostat to 65 degrees so your natural core temperature remains low. Your body temperature is tied to circadian rhythm, which regulates sleep. So when your body is working as it should, your core temp will start to drop in the evening and continue to drop during your first two stages of sleep. Then, before waking up, your body temperature will begin to increase. 


If your temperature increases because of blankets or a pillow that is too warm, it can cause you to wake up prematurely. Many pillows like fiber filled or down pillows will trap heat, so the longer you are on it, the hotter they will get. When your temperature increases, you can wake up and have a night of restless sleep and sweat. 


Although everyone sweats when they sleep, if you are hot, you will sweat more. When you sweat on your pillow, dirt and bacteria can accumulate on and in your pillow and other materials will then trap them inside.  


Buckwheat pillows will keep you cool. The structure of buckwheat hulls allows air to travel freely through the pillow, so heat doesn’t become trapped. With improved ventilation, your core temperature will stay low until it is time to wake up. For people who tend to get extra hot when they sleep, a cooling pillow like a buckwheat pillow with a cooling pillowcase will keep you exceptionally cool. 


Reduces snoring and can help with sleep apnea symptoms


Snoring can disturb your sleep as well as those around you. Those harsh and unpleasant sounds occur when the tissues in the back of your throat become relaxed or constricted so that tissues vibrate when air passes through. Your sleep position can cause snoring, and it can even make sleep apnea worse. Sleep apnea is when the airway becomes so constricted that breathing is stopped temporarily. 


Snoring and sleep apnea negatively affect sleep quality. Even if you don’t realize it, it wakes you and affects your sleep stages. You sleep position and a good, supportive pillow can reduce snoring. For example, a buckwheat pillow that keeps you supported will help keep your airways open. 


 Prevents dust mite allergies


Allergies are one of the leading chronic diseases that affect millions of people each year. 


These allergens aren't just outdoors; they can live within your pillow! Dust mites are one of the most common culprits residing in your carpet, curtains, mattress, and pillow. They prefer dark, moist places, especially those that aren’t cleaned often. This makes a pillow the perfect home for these tiny allergens - unless you have a buckwheat pillow!


Dust mites don’t like buckwheat pillows because they inhibit moisture and promote airflow. 


These pillows are hypoallergenic and antibacterial so that you can breathe easy at night. 


 Prevents morning headaches and migraines


Estimates suggest that 1 in 13 people experience headaches as soon as they wake up. There are various reasons as to why this occurs, with many of them related to sleep. For example, insomnia headaches, sleep apnea headaches, and migraines can begin during the night. These can be triggered by a lack of sleep, poor sleep quality, the chemicals or allergens within your pillow, or spinal misalignment. 


Chemical off-gassing and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) can be released from pillows that contain toxic chemicals. This can trigger morning headaches and other serious health issues. 


 Buckwheat hulls are 100% organic and US-grown, so there is no risk of off-gassing or VOCs. 


Additionally, because you are correctly aligned and your neck is supported, you won’t wake up with a nagging morning headache. 


Feels good and helps you have a comfortable sleep


This may seem obvious, but comfort matters. If you aren’t comfortable, you won’t sleep well - just like the princess in the Princess and The Pea. There are a number of things that impact comfort, such as support and the softness of the pillow against your face. As previously mentioned, buckwheat pillows are very supportive and firm enough to keep your head up and aligned. But, in addition to their firmness, they are also soft. 


Our buckwheat pillows have an inner pillowcase made of 100% leak-proof cotton. This is durable and flexible. They are then lined with premium fabrics that are both functional and soft. For example, bamboo is one of the softest fabrics on the planet and is super soft to touch and skin-friendly. The combination of the two pillowcases makes our pillows unique! 



They last the night

Here’s the thing – a lot of pillows will feel good after a long day. For a few moments, you will feel comfortable, but as the night goes on, your pillow may start to flatten out or get hot. This means that you can have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, and once you have awoken, you may have difficulty falling back asleep. 


Waking up in the night is called “nocturnal awakening,” and it is relatively common. 


Research suggests that about 20-30% of people will wake up during the night. This isn’t something to worry about unless you wake up multiple times or have trouble falling back asleep. Having a pillow that lasts the night and will stay firm enough to keep your head supported and cool enough to maintain your temperature will help reduce these nocturnal awakenings. 


A buckwheat pillow is suitable for all sleeping positions except for stomach sleepers. 


The adjustable and flexible nature of the pillows means they will work for sleeping on your side or your back. If you are a stomach sleeper, these won’t work. They are too thick and firm. Instead, you will need a stomach sleeper pillow made of latex. 


Once you have made the smart decision to sleep with a buckwheat pillow, you will need to choose your pillowcase. In addition to bamboo, you have the option of cotton twill, cooling, and woven cotton. No matter what pillowcase you choose, with a buckwheat pillow you will surely improve your sleep! 


There are many pillows that are good, some that are great, but very few that are AMAZING! 


Buckwheat pillows are excellent at improving your sleep. They’ll aid in spinal alignment, reduce pain, keep you cool, reduce snoring, prevent allergies and headaches, make you feel comfortable, and will last the night! 

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