Meditation Pillow - PineTales
Meditation Pillow - PineTales
Size Comparison Meditation Pillows by PineTales
Traditional Meditation Pillow by PineTales being used outside
Outdoor Meditation Pillow by PineTales being used outside
Premium Meditation Pillow by PineTales being used outside
3 Types of Meditation Pillows stacked on top of each other
Front View of Traditional Meditation Pillow by PineTales
Closupe of Logo Label Traditional Meditation Pillow - PineTales
Photo showing open Zipper and Filling of Traditional Meditation Pillow - PineTales
Bowlling Bowl placed on PineTales Meditation Pillow for Size Comparison Purpose
Hand placed (for size comparison purpose) on traditional meditation by pinetales
Traditional Meditation Pillow Model Main Image
Outdoor Meditation Pillow Model Main Image
Premium Meditation Pillow Model Main Image
3 Meditation pillows stacked on top of each other to show Design Difference between them

Meditation Pillow

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  • Meditate in Style! With our Buckwheat Hulls filled Meditation Pillow

  • Our high end Meditation Pillows are the perfect companion for your meditations or yoga sessions and made with one of the finest materials we could find.

  • Our 11" x 4.5" Compact Size makes them easy to carry but just about the right size for daily meditation practice.
  • They also make a great floor pillow for reading or any other activities you prefer to do while not sitting up high and closer to the ground
  • Available in 3 Styles. Each unique but luxurious.

Traditional Style: Made with ultra durable cotton canvas cover which is removable and washable, so our meditation cushion will last you for years.

Outdoor Style: Made with water repellent High Performance Fabric that is super easy to clean and designed for outdoor enthusiasts.

Premium Style: Made with a sturdy cotton canvas bottom and a super soft and plush velvet fabric seating area.

  • Every meditation pillow has a carry handle so you can take it with you anywhere you go.
  • Filled with 100% Organic Buckwheat Hulls which provide the best support one could wish for in a meditation cushion. Extra Breathable, Moldable and cool like no other filling material. 
  • Zippers on the inner shell as well as the outer cover, allow for easy adjustment of the cushion to your liking. We are all different so we all like different firmness levels as well.
  • Filled with almost twice the amount of buckwheat hulls than other cushions you can buy out there. Why? Because we can :) and no one likes an under-filled meditation pillow, floor pillow or seat cushion in general.
  • Comes in a protective storage bag for whenever you want to take a break from your daily routine and put away your meditation pillow for a while


    Meditating daily can have a significant impact on your overall mental health, as well as physical health. A solid practice has been linked to reduced stress levels, more clarity, better focus and many other physical as well as mental benefits which no drugs can get you.

    Having a proper meditation pillow can improve your sessions a lot as it relaxes your knees and reduces stress on your hips letting you focus on what's important which is your mind and achieving zen and calming your mind. It's an essential tool, for anyone who is serious about their spiritual journey, similar to a buckwheat travel pillow being an essential tool for someone who often travels.

    Read up about the best Crystals for Meditation, in our blog & if you're still undecided on which meditation pillow to get, check out our article about how to find the best meditation pillow (without breaking the bank)