Tarot Cards: The Latest Trend in Morning Routines

You just spent a blissful 8 hours on your lavender pillow – what is the first thing you do when you wake up? Do you have a morning routine?


So many of us are trying to find that morning hack that will change our lives. Some say the key to success is waking up at 5 AM while others say you should drink hot lemon water as soon as you wake up. There are some people who think working out is the most important activity in the morning while others prefer to start on their meditation pillow

siloutte of man meditating in the morning

In many ways, there are trends when it comes to morning routines. There are those influential “thought leaders” (or maybe they just have a podcast) who guarantee success by just having an ice-cold shower, running 3 miles, or stretching as soon as they get up.


Though some of these trends may come and go, the morning routine is here to stay. An established morning routine will set the tone for your day. It can help you feel less stressed, more confident, and ready to tackle anything that comes your way. Although everyone’s morning routine may look different, countless successful individuals have stated that having a morning routine is the secret to their success and productivity. 


On social media, people from all walks of life, including young students, are sharing their morning routines. They film and post what they do each morning to help set them up for the day. If you have seen one of these videos on Instagram or TikTok, you may have noticed more people using tarot cards. 


What are tarot cards?


Tarot cards have existed for centuries. Initially, they were simply playing cards, used as a form of entertainment and games. However, over time the cards evolved and started to be used in more spiritual practices. This tarot divination cards were first used in Italy and France in the mid 15th century. 


old woman holding tarot card in hands

Tarot cards are a set of paper cards, each with its own image and name. Although previously they were only used by psychics and intuitive, they are now commonly used by those looking for a message from the Universe.   You don’t need to be a psychic to use them.


In a deck of tarot cards, you will have 78 cards. Of these 78 cards, 22 are considered Major Arcana cards, and the remaining 56 are considered Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana have cards like Death, Fool, etc., and provide information on significant influences and revelations. Like a traditional deck of playing cards, the Minor Arcana has suits. These suits consist of the Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. Within each suit, there are 14 cards which include the Page, King, Queen, and Knight, along with cards numbered from one to ten. The Minor Arcana cards tell us more about everyday matters. When used together in a 3, 5, or 7 card spread, they can connect and provide a bigger message.

deck of tarot cards

The images on the cards are rich in symbolism. Every detail can provide clues and answers to your questions. They can often be combined with astrological signs as well. 


What are tarot cards used for?


As mentioned, tarot cards are used as a way to receive a message. They don’t necessarily predict the future but provide guidance and a pearl of great wisdom. They can tell stories about the cycle of your life and the challenges you may face. Tarot cards are rich in symbolism and need to be interpreted by an experienced reader or with helpful interpretations from a guidebook.


In previous decades, tarot cards were often viewed as witchy or wrapped up in dark magic. 

tarot cards ancient association with dark magic


This is not the case. Today, people use tarot to ask questions like “should I keep pursuing my dreams?”, “am I making the right decision” or simply, “what is the message the Universe has for me today”? The layout of the cards and the number of cards pulled can also be used to deliver the message, with each position revealing specific details whether that relates to relationships, career, or health. 


How do I use tarot cards?


There are plenty of different tarot decks you can choose from, and picking the one that feels right for you is the first step. Look at the theme and overall aesthetic of the deck. Some will be dark and moody, while others are full of pastels with an ethereal feel. If you are new to tarot reading, I recommend looking for a deck with a guidebook. This will help you interpret the message and meaning of each card until you become familiar. 


Once you’ve picked your deck, it’s time to shuffle. For those who use tarot in the morning, the process of shuffling can be a relaxing event. It can be as straightforward or as intricate as you like. As you shuffle the deck, think about the question you want to ask. Continue to hold this question in your mind as you shuffle. This process is known as clearing. You are clearing the deck from the previous questions asked so you can get a clear answer. If, while you are shuffling, a card falls out of the desk or pops up unexpectedly, take this as a sign to read that card. If you are pulling multiple cards, you can continue to shuffle until you feel ready to pull the remaining cards. 

a man and a woman using tarot cards


The spread of your cards is the way they are organized. They may be laid out in a straight line, the shape of the letter t, a box or layered. Let’s say you did a three-card spread, and your cards are in a row. You can then turn the first one over and start interpreting the message, or turn over all three at one and see what message you receive. Generally, with a three-card spread, the first card represents the past, the second represents the present, and the third card represents the future. 


How do I interpret the meaning of each card?


This is the most challenging part of tarot reading. You need to first look at the card's individual meaning and then consider the cards' overall vibe, message, or symbolism together. You want to have an open mind about this. You don’t need to be a psychic or able to see the future but to allow the interpretations to come through you freely. 


When you start, begin with a daily tarot card in the morning. This will provide insight into the energies influencing you in the current moment and considerations for the day ahead. In addition, this will allow you to get to know the cards and practice using them without feeling overwhelmed. According to Biddy Tarot, picking a card each day “is a great way to create personal meanings of the cards because you don’t have to memorize a thing.- you simply realize over time, what the cards mean for you”.   


Here are a few questions you can ask when you pull your tarot card in the morning: 


  • What do I need most right now?
  • How can I make the most of the day?
  • What do I need to remember today?
  • What do I need to know today?
  • Where can I focus my energy on today?
  • What do I need to let go of today?
  • Am I living in alignment?
  • Where am I living out of alignment?


The questions you ask should be about you, not other people. Even if there is a question you’d like to ask regarding a relationship, frame the question around your energy, for example, “how can I show up better in my relationship?”. You also may find it very challenging to get an answer to yes or no questions. Tarot cards don’t predict the future as we all have free will. Our choices will ultimately determine our future, and therefore a yes or no question may not do us any good.  

yes or no questions when using tarot cards


You can also meditate and then pick a card. Then, without asking any questions, you can allow your intuition to draw in the message for the day. Next, journal about the message you received. Sometimes putting pen to paper can give you greater perspective and allow your intuition to speak up! According to tarot expert Fortunaso, tarot is just a mirror of our subconscious that picks up our emotions and feelings. As a result, it can help give us greater clarity and focus. 


More people are turning to metaphysical shops and practices to help improve their lives, whether that be using crystals for better sleep, pulling tarot cards in the morning, or using sound healing to reduce stress.


For a spiritual and mindful morning routine, try sitting on your meditation cushion, spraying some lavender room spray, and getting out a deck of tarot cards. This practice can help you feel more relaxed and confident throughout the day ahead. Start your day the intuitive way, and try incorporating tarot cards into your mourning routine. 

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