Buckwheat Pillow - Travel
Buckwheat Pillow - Travel
Buckwheat Pillow - Travel
Buckwheat Pillow - Travel
Buckwheat Pillow - Travel
Buckwheat Pillow - Travel
Buckwheat Pillow - Travel
Buckwheat Pillow - Travel
Buckwheat Pillow - Travel
Buckwheat Pillow - Travel

Buckwheat Pillow - Travel

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  • Perfect for your Adventures or your Kids Bedroom! The finest Travel Pillow Handmade in small batches. It's works very well for kids as well.

  • Unfortunately most travel size pillows are either cheaply made, look just fancy or high tech, but end up to work poorly, or are completely overpriced for what you need. Choices range from Neck Pillows, U-Shaped pillows, to weirdly constructed Ostrich pillows. This can be very confusing for you if you are actually looking for a travel pillow that works.
  • Why would you need a different type of pillow when sleeping in an airplane, train, or car etc. than what you have at home? It makes no sense to us. Our travel pillow is exactly like our other premium models, with the only difference being it's size.
  • Experience REAL Support for your neck during travels while on the road. A Travel Pillow should be one thing and one thing only, which is supportive and moldable at the same time. This way the pillow will work it's magic and help you arrive at your destination well rested and ready to tackle the day.
  • Our Buckwheat Hulls Filling provides both. And it can be super easy adjusted. Removing or adding hulls to create the perfect shape for you head and neck, is easy and takes less than a minute.
  • It's Compact Size 10" x 14" allows this travel neck pillow to be taken literally anywhere. It fits into your backpack, carry on, etc.
  • Comes with our removable and washable super soft and smooth Matrix Design Bamboo Pillowcase. Super breathable and hygienic.
  • No need to buy extra pillowcases.
  • Our pillow is ready to go! Unpack it! Use it!
  • Optionally add a 2nd Bamboo Pillowcase to your order, so you always have a spare
  • Filled with 100% Organic Buckwheat Hulls and fully Adjustable. Durable zippers on inner pillowcase and the matrix designer bamboo pillowcase allow you to easily remove or add filling as needed to achieve your perfect comfort for your travels.
  • Good for all sleeping positions and specially for people with posture, neck or spinal issues.
  • The pillow's small size is also a great option for younger kids who don't need a full size cushion.
  • It's also loved as lumbar support (use it in your car, trains, air planes or your couch). The fine travel pillow does it all.
  • Handcrafted with ❤ in Phoenix, AZ

We only use the Best Quality Buckwheat Hulls. All our natural buckwheat and millet hulls are triple screened and heat treated. Guaranteed Odor and Pesticide free and grown in the USA.


Ask a Question
  • How heavy is the travel pillow?

    It's about 1.7lbs

  • Does the pillow come with a carry bag?

    Yes it does come with a storage bag. The compact size of the pillow makes it also easily fit into your backpack.