How to properly set up your pillow

We fill all of our buckwheat hull and millet pillows generously, so most likely you will have to remove some hulls so your head, neck and spine are aligned properly to get the full benefits out of our pillows.

Removing or adding hulls is easy...

Use a cup or glass to remove hulls. You can store the removed hulls in any container you have handy, or a plastic bag etc. There is no real requirement.

How to adjust Buckwheat Husk Pillow Filling - PineTales
Millet and also Buckwheat Pillows ARE firm. Our super soft designer pillowcases add the comfort and softness most other natural pillows are lacking.
Firmness Levels of Different Pillow Types
Proper spinal/head/neck alignment is the key to a healthier sleep.

The best pillow can't do it's magic if your mattress is poorly constructed. If your body is not aligned properly, you will have tension and neck pain. So it's important that you take the time to adjust the pillow to your body and posture.
How to set up your PineTales Buckwheat Pillow
It is important that your give you body at least 14 days to adjust to the new pillow. This is the same principal as with buying a new mattress.
Our 30 days return policy has you covered even beyond that adjustment period.